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The public / private divide on raw milk and nutrient-dense food availability

The latest from David E. Gumpert on his “The Complete Patient” blog:

“….So I have tried to answer the question, what’s goin’ on? Here are a few things I see goin’ on:

* There’s a huge, and expanding, gulf between the raw milk “public sector” and its “private sector.” Or maybe I should say, between publicly sold food, and privately sold food in general. A big part of McAfee’s problems (and of the Raw Milk Institute) has been an inability to appreciate the different landscapes, and mindsets, of the two arenas. It may simply be that they are incompatible, as Violet Willis suggests, and as Dave Milano has suggested in the past. People who become accustomed to obtaining their food privately, via food clubs or herdshares or CSAs, come to have different priorities and values than those who are mostly buying their raw milk in retail stores. There’s a bigger emphasis on cooperation and community in such private initiatives, run as they are invariably by volunteers working together with farmers. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt in B.C. today on contempt of court charge relating to Our Cows cowshare, in Chilliwack

From Michael Schmidt in Vancouver:

Michael Schmidt at a raw milk rally in Vancouver last month. Photo Tirra del Guidice

Today Tuesday Dec. 6th Michael Schmidt is in B.C. for a raw milk contempt hearing in New Westminster regarding the Chilliwack cow share operation, “Our Cows” (formerly Home on the Range). Continue reading


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Raw milk fan from Peace River, Alberta

Lisa Lundgard from Peace River Alberta was in town for the rally Nov. 23rd at Queen's Park.

Lisa grew up on pasteurized milk until her parents met Sally Fallon when she was in Grade 9. She’s been happily drinking raw milk now for 10 years. That’s her cow Sassy, in the picture. Thanks to Lisa for the photo. Lisa has been visiting for a week at Glencolton Farms in Durham.

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Pam Killeen sets them straight on raw milk and swill dairies in a recent University of Guelph radio interview

Health educator Pam Killeen, posted the following news on Facebook:

Author Pam Killeen, at onoe of Michael Schmidt's Queen's Park news conferences

“CFRU (University of Guelph) student reporter, Alicja Grzadkowska, interviews Dr. Douglas Goff and Pam Killeen about the raw milk debate. My part of the interview where I discuss “swill” dairies was cut short. One hundred years ago, swill dairies were causing what was known as the “milk problem.” Unethical inner city stall-fed dairies were selling filthy milk. Instead of feeding cows what they’re designed to eat (grass), they fed them the refuse from local distilleries. Continue reading


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Justice Peter Tetley’s “Reasons for Sentencing” Michael Schmidt posted

Michael Schmidt raises a glass of the good stuff after sentencing Nov. 25th in Newmarket.

Thanks to Karen Selick for the link to Justice Tetley’s “Reasons for Sentencing” (Nov. 25th) on the Canadian Constitution Foundation website. We’ve also added it to the collection of permanent links on the top right of the home page. Continue reading


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