David Suzuki looks at link between autism and gut dysfunction, on CBC

From CBC.ca:

Click image to go to a page where you can watch this trailer.

“A fresh perspective on autism research with the developing “Bacterial Theory” of autism. The fastest-growing developmental disorder in the industrialized world, autism has increased an astounding 600 per cent over the last 20 years.

Science cannot say why. Some say it’s triggered by environmental factors and point to another intriguing statistic: 70 per cent of kids with autism also have severe gastrointestinal symptoms. Could autism actually begin in the gut? …”

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22 responses to “David Suzuki looks at link between autism and gut dysfunction, on CBC

  1. Are you kidding me? Look at the source for this information. The bought our media.

    How about a more plausible theory such as mercury, aluminum, and MSG in vaccines?

    Why is it that un-vaccinated Amish never have autistic kids?

    Use your brains people. We are being conned again and again and again…

    • Dave

      inalienablewrights Have you seen the episode of this show?

      • Yes I watched it ,and I do not even discount that there is a connection there BUT there is very strong and documented connection between ADD,Aspbergers, and Autism that is being ignored.

        And you can bet that is why this show came out at this time right as government is talking about making even m ore vaccines mandatory. There are no such things as coincidences when it comes to government.

        Personally I would almost never take an antibiotic, no more than I would get a vaccine. The truth of the matter is that our owners (the government) is doing everything it can to make the alternatives to antibiotics unavailable. The UN codex does this and is being implemented in front of your very eyes.

        They are making unavailable anything not prescribed at high profit to the pharmaceutical companies. Do you realize who created the whole alopathic medical/prescription model that you think is normal? Please do your due diligence and find out.

        Wake up I say again!

    • deen

      Hi inalienablewrights
      Am interested in your profound comments about vaccines antibiotics
      and the gut.Certainly in 20 years of looking into this topic of the gut you
      have learned many things.
      Would like your feedback on a video of 2 doctors speaking.
      I agree people need wake up and to speak straight words about what is
      being done by a system that is seems to be against life.

      One interesting observation is that science has all this knowlegde of the gut
      However they do not point people to raw milk.The logical solution.
      Maybe its just me.
      It does seem like a crime of
      of omission as well as commission.

      murderous system.

      • I am heading out for the weekend…I am not catch it all but thanks.

        Most alternative health people including Been Fuchs, Robert Scott Bell etc. have the belief that the gut is at the center of most of our health problems. Leaky gut can cause any of the auto immune disorders.

        Dr. Russel Blaylock has some interesting things about mercury and MSG.

        My daughter that is in medical school dismisses a lot of this but then again doctors have one of the shortest life spans of all the professions.

    • elanore

      I have an autistic son who is now 30 and when I watched this episode last year I sat with my mouth open as I listened to the episode. I made a distinct connection based on recurring ear infections which warranted reptitive anti-biotics, could relate to symptoms. Willing to participate in any case study or relevance.

    • The damage done you speak of is only part. Repairing the damage done to the immune aystem is part and parcel to the affects fungal bacteria has due to that. Dealing with the bacteria and not damaging the already delicate flora in the gut is only the beginning. Raising Glutathione levels and detoxing from brain to all organs and rebuilding the flora this is where it starts.

      • My response was somewhat knee jerk Ronald. I was irate because that was a hit piece produced by our controlled media to draw attention away from the fact that vaccines have damaged millions of people and that quite a few people need to spend the rest of their lives in jail and forfeit every penny they have made in the process. But you know as well as I that this will not happen. Governments have never gone after real criminals. Instead they criminalize everything in order to keep the masses in their place.

        If you are interested in heavy metal detox check this out please:

    • Ron Walton

      I believe that the point is how the toxins from the clostridium affects behavioral problems that are prevalent in autistic children. There are many known problems. The ability of the immune function is a large part. Do I believe that vaccines and their content play a major roll “yes” everyone will react to them differently my own daughter faired better then most but we acted quickly.

    • Irene

      well said Dave . This is more like the cause for GUT issues….

    • Irene

      well said Dave . This is more likely to be the cause for GUT issues….

  2. ES

    I have a child with autism, funny enough the story is my son 100% and it falls in line with what we experience. He was exposed to many antibiotics from ear infections. When he was little he was addicted to milk, and all the symptoms, from the stool to the nerves.
    When ever my son takes diflucan, he seems to improve dramatically but eventually laps back.
    I think people need to move off the vaccines, this is a gut disorder. If your looking for environmental factors, look at our medical system that pumps our children with antibiotics at the sign of a sniffle. And the food we eat is so processed it’s unbelievable.
    Amish kids don’t get autism? If its true I would ask is it cause they dont give their kids vaccines or cause they don’t drink milk with XXX hormones, steroids. And if their kids get sick I wonder do they take them straight to the pediatrician who prescribes antibiotics?

    The part that seemed hopeful was if they can cure the gut perhaps the child returns to him, her self. leaving the cloud behind…

    • ES the microbes in your gut are necessary for life. Taking antibiotics upsets this balance but there also seems to be a connection between gut flora and being poisoned by mercury.

      Probiotics and natural probiotics such as kiefer, and real sour kraut can be taken to help correct this imbalance.

      It has long, long been known that healing the gut is critical to curing Autism. Yes I said curing – it does happen. The parents of vaccine damaged children have long been onto the gut aspect – it is nothing new.

      Check out this news group:
      There is one for children that I can find out about if you wish.

      How do I know so much about this topic?
      I was vaccine damaged at a young age. So I have been researching this for over 20 years.

    • ES the only known case of Amish autism was of 2 adopted children that were probably vaccinated.


      ES plenty of English (us) drink only raw milk and still get autism.
      Plenty of Amish kids also get antibiotics and don’t get autism.

      Vaccines seem to be the strongest connection. But that is a multi billion dollar industry and must be protected – hence the hit piece by David Suzuki. If you wish to research any of these issues I would be happy to share the resources that I have discovered.

      Vaccines are extremely dangerous. No one that I personally know would consider getting one.

      • Dr. Know


        Your views on vaccines are horribly misinformed mostly based on what seems to have been an unfortunate childhood experience. I fear that your emotional connection to this cause has biased your objectivity.

        While medical issues during childhood, whatever their cause, are very unfortunate, let me make one thing perfectly clear: There is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE suggesting that vaccination has ANY link to autism whatsoever. This pervading public myth was long ago demonstrated to be false, and was originally the result of ACTUAL scientific/medical malpractice committed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the original doctor who claimed that this link exists. These findings were originally published in the prestigious British medical journal, The Lancet, and have subsequently been retracted. Dr. Wakefield has also been dismissed from his position for these very violations. As a result of this, vaccines have come under greater scrutiny than any other drug known to man, and have withstood this scrutiny on all accounts. To suggest a prevailing conspiracy theory among government and pharma is ludicrous.

        Like any drug, vaccines may, on occasion, cause adverse reactions. But the rates of such adverse reactions are exceedingly low. In fact, vaccines are among the safest and best-tested therapies on the market today (you have a better chance of having an adverse reaction from tylenol or advil). These objective scientific and medical studies have even been performed by those who might have liked to prove otherwise.

        May I remind you also, that we may very well owe humanity as we know it to the success of vaccines. They are the responsible for the eradication of smallpox, one of the most devastating diseases known to man, which caused an ASTOUNDING 300-500 million deaths during the 20th century alone!!! Without a vaccine, a significant portion of your family members would have died a horrible, painful death. In fact, I trust that you have gracefully been spared having to witness the worst of what nature has to offer, including polio, which causes horrible disfigurement and eventually virtual suffocation (google “iron lung”), measles, plague and pandemic influenza (see 1918 Spanish Flu), thanks to widespread vaccination.

        The relative lack of Autism present in the Amish population has nothing to do with their refusal to be vaccinated. By that logic, one could just as easily argue that light bulbs cause autism and, because Amish people only use candles, they’re safe! The lack of Autism among Amish populations is far more likely due to the fact that Amish people have much more genetic similarity than almost any other group due to their cultural practices regarding marriage. Because of this, they are protected from the genetic factors that cause a predisposition to developing autism or autism-spectrum disorders (ASDs). Autism and related disorders are certainly multifactorial and no one cause is likely to be found. It is OK to be skeptical about whether or not gut disfunction contributes to autism. As of now, it is only a hypothesis and rigorous scientific and medical study will, in time, provide an answer.

        What is certain though, is that taking probiotics won’t hurt you, so if you think it will help, there’s no danger in trying them. On the other hand, claiming that vaccines cause autism or any undue harm is objectively and morally wrong.

        I am sincerely sorry that you may have had an adverse reaction as a child, and thankfully, you have a right to your opinion, however misguided it might be. I only ask that you don’t mislead others by continuing to propagate this dangerous misconception as fact. Additionally, every vaccine is very, VERY different, and so blanket statements that all vaccines are bad are even more irresponsible.

        I should say that I encounter all kinds of quack medical conspiracy theorists, hypocondriacs and general nutcase arguments about vaccines far too regularly. As a general rule, I do not waste my time trying to reply because most of these people are clearly “out to lunch” and no amount of objective evidence will ever change their mind. I truly hope, inalienablewrights, that you are not one of these people and have simply been the unfortunate victim of a regrettable medical experience and an online environment that often causes the well-intentioned to be misled.

        I should, in fairness, disclose that I have no financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry and have nothing at all to gain through this post. I only hope to convince you that the dangers of NOT being vaccinated always far outweigh the dangers of receiving a vaccine. I hope that you never have to experience the horrors of another global pandemic caused by the likes of smallpox, plague, polio or the Spanish Flu…learning the importance of vaccines that hard way would be tragic not only for you, but for the world.

        I would strongly encourage you and your friends to reconsider your position on vaccination and would be happy to provide you with unbiased, objective, proven medical facts to help you with this. I wish you the best.

    • Ron Walton

      There are naturally occurring Antibiotics that kill the Bacteria described. Pharmaseutical drugs that kill it also kill the flora needed by the body. https://m.facebook.com/home.php?refid=9#!/profile.php?id=172650716139752&__user=100002485306661
      This link has postings on natural antibiotics.

      • The study that claimed Austism had no connection to immunizations was a longitudinal study from 2002 (I think) when the regulation was established to stop putting mecury and other heavy metals in immunizations as preservatives. The reason the study is competely invalid is that the regulation has been ignored. Immunizations continue to have mercury based and other metal-based preservatives so the study was not controlled. It was a false assumption to begin with. After working with Autistic children for over 10 years and having an Autistic grandson, I don’t agree that the cause is as simplistic as too many antibiotics, many children that have shown symtoms of Autism have had no more antibiotics than other children. I have concluded that the accumulation of toxins, especially metals in our environment, air, water, and food that have had numerous neurological effects on people who are the most predisposed. MS, dementias, Parkinson, Austism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and other disorders have been the expression of ever increasing toxins and metals entering our bodies. I don’t believe research will approach Autism from that broad view, as it would call for radical changes.

  3. woodsman

    i say alturasounds or airplane travel both having pressure on baby

  4. Katherine Young

    Clearly the huge increases in the number of children affected make autism a CRISIS.
    I’m sure the children with Gut symptoms were checked with a. CAT scan.
    If any help is needed to address this crisis please let me know. I am available to volunteer in any way I can.
    Katherine Young

  5. I have been researching this issue more closely and dental mercury and vaccine mercury seems to play a huge part of most cases of autism.
    I have learned a lot about gut physiology thought from watching Dr. Natasha Cambell/McBrides youtube interviews and also reading her book. “Gut and psychology syndrome.”
    Here is a link if yo wish to find out more:
    This is some of the most eye opening health information that I have ever run across.

  6. A few more of the better links dealing with heavy metal chelation of autistic children. And yes healing the gut does play a role in Autistic children getting better. There is much evidence that both heavy metals (vaccines) and gut dysbiosis (out of balance gut flora) play a huge part in creating the autisitic spectrum (ADD, ADHD, Aspergers & autism)



  7. FYI you can no longer view this outside of Canada.

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