Dan Allgyer, Vernon Herschberger — government harassment of raw milk farmers continues in America

The Federal crackdown on American raw milk farmers continues apace:

From David E. Gumpert’s latest, on The Complete Patient blog:

“…All the U.S. District Court judge on the case, Lawrence Stengler, needs to do, is sign and date the “order”…and, presto,  Allgyer is forever prohibited from sending milk to members of Grassfed on the Hill in Maryland…and essentially is out of business.

Actually, he doesn’t just get to be put out of business. The proposed injunction provides for the added privilege of having his farm inspected whenever FDA agents are bored or just have the urge, AND he gets to pay big time for the privilege (at rates of $87.57 or $104.96 per hour, plus 51 cents a mile for their travel, plus the regular government “per diem” for meals and hotels). One inspection that lasts a day or two, and involves two or three agents, who, of course, have to write up a detailed report afterwards, could cost $10,000. Maybe they decide to do it once a year, maybe once a month, maybe once a week. Whatever their pleasure.

At the end of five years, Allgyer can tell the court he’s been a good boy, and appeal to have the injunction lifted, and maybe it will be and maybe it won’t. If not, the inspection arrangement continues.

The government lawyers argue that, based on the “undisputed facts” of the case–that Allgyer was distributing raw milk to the Grassfed on the Hill food club in Maryland–the judge should issue the permanent injunction….”

Read it all on The Complete Patient blog.

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One response to “Dan Allgyer, Vernon Herschberger — government harassment of raw milk farmers continues in America

  1. This makes me so incredibly angry.

    They will fine people like Allgyer and Schmidt into submission, using the same fees and fines that fall under “petty cash” for corporate farms.

    The US (at least) is headed for a “perfect storm” in the confluence of unemployment, concentration of wealth and power at the top, and economic persecution of those at the bottom. We left the US for Canada because we wanted to live a simple life, and saw no support for such in the US. I fear armed insurrection is the inevitable result — it’s only a matter of “when,” not “if.”

    If only they would throw people like Allgyer in jail instead of fining them; then perhaps the “sheeple” would awaken. But they’re too smart for that — they only throw increasing numbers of people in jail who could not possibly garner public sympathy, like small-time pot dealers and petty criminals, people they’ve already driven into economic deprivation.

    I hope and pray that by attacking people with a long-standing tradition of tight community and voluntary simplicity (Amish, Mennonites, etc.), the whole thing backfires. I invite Allgyer and others to not pay these fines and fees, and for their community to rally around them, like the final scene of the movie Witness, when the Amish peaceably surround the bad guys, and Harrison Ford shouts, “What you gonna do, kill them all?”

    Gandhi pointed out that a few tens of thousands of British could not control a hundred million Indians without their consent. It is time to withdraw our tacit consent from our oppressors.

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