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Secret farm bill bad news in Congress

From Heather While, on Civil Eats:

“Americans now face the holiday season with rising food prices and troubled economic waters roiled by Congressional gridlock. Nearly 90 percent of Americans disapprove of Congress, according to Gallup polling, and 2011 is on track to be Congress’s worst year ever for Gallup public approval ratings.

Given this backdrop, you’d think the Congressional agriculture committees would have understood that writing a secret farm bill tailor-made for their friendly agri-lobbyists and tacking it on to the super committee recommendations would only add to the toxic atmosphere permeating Washington. Since they didn’t, here are five lessons to be re-learned before the 2012 farm bill debate. Continue reading

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Grass fed girl is soy sorry

From the Grass Fed Girl blog:

“Soy products have flooded the market since the vegetarian craze of the 1970’s. It has been touted as a way to save the earth and our own health. I believed this hype and and dove head first into eating loads of soy when I was on a low fat diet from about 2000-2008. The peak of my soy over consumption was during 2009. I ate a large serving of tofu everyday because I was trying to be a vegetarian to save the animals/earth. I still ate fish but the majority of my meals had a soy products like tofu or veggie burgers. During this time I was running a lot and and training for a half marathon. After a year of this soy-centric diet I started to feel terrible. I wanted to sleep all the time, and along with gaining weight, I had terrible constipation. I went to the doctor and found out my thyroid was out of balance and I had an autoimmune thyroid problem. Continue reading

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Georgia legislator favours raw milk

From a recent issue of the Small Farm Journal:

Perhaps someone could contact this man with suggestions.


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More questions about the Canadian Wheat Board and supply management

From Barrie McKenna in the Globe and Mail:

“Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says he’s all about putting “farmers first.”

At first blush, this sounds like a pretty reasonable motto for an ag minister raised on a Saskatchewan farm. Who doesn’t like farmers, after all? They do tough, essential work that feeds us all.

The catch is that “farmers first” often implies “consumers last.” And what Mr. Ritz really means is that some farmers come first, but not all farmers. Continue reading


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