Georgia legislator favours raw milk

From a recent issue of the Small Farm Journal:

Perhaps someone could contact this man with suggestions.


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3 responses to “Georgia legislator favours raw milk

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    Konrad Pszowski

    Michael how can a State legalize something that they have no right to criminalize in the first place?

    Can the state of GA legalize sex between a husband and wife? How about legalizing having children? How about legalizing worshiping your God? Or legalizing education your children? Or legalizing self defense or free speech?

    Are we so far gone that you do not see the extreme danger in this approach?

    If the sheeple allow government to legalize something they are also allowing them to have the option to criminalize the same behavior at any time in the future. You are turning a right into a permission.

    How can the State of GA ” legalize”something that God has guaranteed all men?

    Some thing like this is best guaranteed in a Constitution or if put into a bill the language should explicitly state something like “drinking raw milk is a God given inalienable right that is beyond the jurisdiction of the state.”
    In fact go a step further and put a label with that laws wording on every bottle of raw milk.

    Why not repeal any laws that prohibit raw milk and use language in the repeal recognizing that this is a God given right in their place?

  3. Winifred

    I rather have to agree with you ‘inalienable.’

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