Small farmers beware big government

From Richard S. Gubbe in the Rock River Times:

“Small farmers across the country, beware, your local authorities and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are out to put you out of business.

Raids have taken place against small farmers in Maine, Pennsylvania, Nevada, California and Wisconsin against farmers for a variety of reasons, including selling organic and raw foods, as well as the sale and distribution of raw milk.

While it is legal in Illinois to buy raw milk at a farm, protests have sprung up, including the raw milk protest held in Chicago last week without incident. A half-dozen mothers reportedly transported raw milk from Wisconsin to Chicago, where they accepted payment for some of the milk and passed out the rest to demonstrators protesting FDA regulations. A previous rally in Maryland was held without incident last month.

But while the peaceful rally was held in Independence Park in Chicago last week, Wisconsin farmer Vernon Hershberger was charged by the state’s Department of Justice with four counts, all misdemeanors, for laws he allegedly broke dating prior to July 2010. Also, Amish farmer Daniel Allgyer was arrested recently in Pennsylvania for selling raw milk in Maryland to a food club.

Why indiscriminately torment Mennonite and Amish farmers who run farm co-ops for organic foods and raw milk, you ask?

Simply put, this is a show of power by government agencies to thrust their mighty will upon the people. While the call for less government is heard over and over again at state and federal levels and promised in debates, state and federal governing bodies have found the time to impale small, organic farmers.

There is one member of Congress who is questioning the role of the FDA after a spate of raids from coast to coast….’

Read it all in the Rock River Times.

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One response to “Small farmers beware big government

  1. It’s the United Nations agenda 21 — guys plain and simple that is going to be used as a eugenics program before it is all over. Hope some of you are beginning to figure this out before it’s too late.

    Do you think it is coincidence or a conspiracy theory that this war on food is happening on every Continent as we speak?

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