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Raw milk marketing tool in progress

From Augie’s Journal of Natural Food and Health:

Draft version

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Behind the plague of eating disorders

From Raine Saunders, on Agriculture Society:

Photo via Agriculture Society blog.

“Most people know someone with an eating disorder. In the 1980s we saw an enormous surge of teenage girls described as having bulimia (binging and purging) and anorexia nervosa (starving oneself to death) in order to keep from being overweight.

But, eating disorders are much more common than people think. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride talks about these issues in her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and describes them as being much more than psychological issues (as have been diagnosed and named by the branch of medicine known as psychiatrics) but nutritional deficiencies which affect overall health, including the mental state of the individual. Continue reading


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Grey Bruce Health Unit still mulling what to do about further charges in Michael Schmidt raw milk case

From Tracey Richardson in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

A toast for the Queen, whose family are known drinkers of raw milk at the Owen Sound raw milk rally in October 2011 during which milk was seized by Chris Munn of the Grey Bruce health unit. For more on the earlier story around this incident click on the image above.

“The Grey Bruce Health Unit has yet to decide if it will bring new charges against Durham area dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, but medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn promises the matter will not be dropped.

On Oct. 13, Schmidt allegedly distributed unpasteurized milk at a public rally outside the health unit office in Owen Sound. That followed a September Ontario Court of Justice ruling that upheld several charges against Schmidt, brought by the province in 2006, related to the production and distribution of raw milk.

In November, Schmidt was fined $9,150 and placed on probation for a year. He has publicly declared that he will not pay the fine. Continue reading


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