Raw milk marketing tool in progress

From Augie’s Journal of Natural Food and Health:

Draft version

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15 responses to “Raw milk marketing tool in progress

  1. Keep going!
    We need tags for non-GMO, non-MSG, and non-BPA foods that point out the differences!

  2. Raoul

    Well done ! I look forward to us forwarding a few thousand copies of this flyer to our honourable Canadian Premiers, their Honourable Ministers, MP’S , the health department , the agriculture department and more ! By collecting and so efficiently codifying the pros and cons on one convenient piece of paper we are finally able to move the debate to a whole different level (and finally rise above a lot of boring and fear-based sloganeering and stonewalling) . Plus this will reach millions of people in the public domain who will now have a concrete alternative viewpoint to the pablum info spoonfed to them by the government .

  3. Raoul “the argument” has nothing to do with safety or health benefits.

    “The argument” is solely about whether we are free men that can choose what we eat – or are we slaves that get our permissions from our owners the State.

    This flyer is important in the free market to educate our fellow man as to what choice as free men to make.

    • Raoul

      I agree with you in that “arguments ” are for people or entities that really do not want to come to an agreement. The truth is one thing and arguments and discussion are another. I see the whole process as like tumblers in a lock. It is the public perception that we are doing something and that things are moving and happening that inspires them to get involved. If Michael Schmidt and Richard just folded their hands and said ” We are right we don’t have to do anything more” then there would be no need for this wonderful blog or anything else. By sharing his adventure and experience with us and through alternative media channels Michael is assisting in the maturation of our society. Of course , he is reaching out because he needs the support of the masses as well for his own purposes however grand and visionary. In some ways Michael’s Handel Concert last night might just be as important a “statement” (or more) as any discussion we have here. The concert is an important reminder for us all to celebrate the good things we have and not to get too overly serious and/or bummed out , all the time, about the games that are playing out with the government and in court.

    • I am glad you brought that up because the finished flyer will have one powerful health and food Freedom statement!!!

  4. aed939

    Please strike from the dairy plant processed “milk” all references to it as “regular” milk.

  5. I agree aed939
    We should take the initiative with the language.
    Raw milk should always be referred to as “milk” as that is what it is.
    Milk from the store should always be referred to as “nutritionally compromised milk” as that is what it is.

    The verbiage is purposely chosen by the enemy and we underestimate them when we act otherwise.

  6. Look forward to the finished flyer. Can’t wait to print and post!

  7. aed939

    Let’s not be overly derogatory on what we call supermarket “milk.” I propose we call it “processed milk” for short, or the long form, “milk from a dairy processing plant.”

    • Yes, I would have to agree not to degrade normal small dairies product of which 85% drink it– and around here are always out on pasture. Thing is if one comes down too hard on conventional small dairies it really makes them mad–so why alienate those that have the potential desire to improve their operation. It is a delicate balance here–and that is why I recommend low-temp past/non-homo from organic-like pastured cows if you cannot get safe real milk or for whatever other reason–as it is superior to the “regular, denatured milk-based product”. Processed Milk is one of the better terms–then there is Milk, Real Milk, Natural Milk and on and on–then there is Fresh Milk– or Real Fresh Milk–the latter two I like well–but I think Natural Fresh Milk is also a powerful descriptor. As soon as it is decided and printed, a better name will present itself.

  8. Raelands Farm Barrington

    Well done guys, I wish we had such a passionate and motivated group here in Australia.

    • Well Raelands what are you doing in OZ?
      Where is your passion?

      And there are more important issues than raw milk such as the Inalienable rights argument that underlies it…..
      Arguing for raw milk is extremely myopic.

  9. Then there is Farm Fresh Milk — Fresh Natural Milk etc etc–but I do like Processed Milk for the other stuff

  10. The new free flyer is here http://j.mp/armi2 and there is also a fundraiser worth looking at — please spread this around.

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