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Raw milk as a sacrament

From Hella Delicious:

Image by Alex Grey via Hella D.

“There are various other definitions of sacrament, I like this one because it makes me think of the gut-friendly micro-organisms that grow in milk–uniquely active indeed. This is a post I have been putting off writing and I understand why. I am not sure if I can quite capture what I want to say here, but I have to give it a shot.

Sacrament: A rite in which God (or gods) is (are) uniquely active. -Hexam’s Concise Dictionary of Religion

The fact that many cultures around the world traditionally have a sacred bond between the animal (sheep, cow, goat, yak etc) and the fresh milk that animal produces is an aspect of the importance of farm fresh raw milk that sometimes gets left behind these days. We often get caught up in reacting to all the legal nonsense the various agencies keep throwing at us. Continue reading


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Joseph Heckman, Rutgers University prof, raises raw milk issue on campus

From Andrea Alexander on Rutgers.edu:

“Professor Joseph Heckman’s advocacy to legalize the sale of raw milk in New Jersey has made him the target of some harsh criticism. One Rutgers food scientist recently accused Heckman of championing a product that is potentially deadly.

But Heckman, a professor of soil science, is not backing down. He passionately believes in the benefits of raw – or unpasteurized- milk and said he has the scientific literature to back it up.  He cites studies that have shown drinking raw milk helps to alleviate allergies and asthma. Continue reading

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Local sherriff intervenes against Federal agents in Elkhart County raw milk case

From by: Tim Vandenack on E-truth.com

“David Hochstetler doesn’t want to be in the limelight.

“I’d rather just be left alone,” he said.

As a producer of raw milk, though, Hochstetler — operator of Forest Grove Dairy south of Middlebury — finds himself at the center of controversy. He’s faced repeated inspections by federal regulators, apparently, and his situation prompted Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers to intervene, advising the feds to watch their step or face arrest by his department. Continue reading


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Udder raw milk bliss in Earl Township

From Jennifer Hetrick at Reading Eagle.com:

Photo and caption via reading eagle.com

“At Wholesome Dairy Farms in Earl Township, a few dozen grass-fed Ayrshire cows are the bosses, bringing to the fridge the richly-flavored supply of raw milk that sets this operation apart.

The dairy came to life in the first warm days of 2008 at the hands of Mark Lopez, who grew up in Lancaster County.

He’d spent five years as a traveling veterinarian in Texas, tending to dairy cows after receiving his degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003. Continue reading

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