Minding your Mitochondria — how Dr. Terry Wahls cured her MS through diet

From Cryptogon.com:

“This is one of the most astonishing videos that I have ever seen. Please consider sharing this through your networks. Dr. Terry Wahls learned how to properly fuel her body. Using the lessons she learned at the subcellular level, she used diet to cure her MS and get out of her wheelchair.”


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15 responses to “Minding your Mitochondria — how Dr. Terry Wahls cured her MS through diet

  1. If you want to learn more about diet and degenerative diseases please listen to pharmacists Ben Fuchs show “The Bright Side” on GCNlive.com


  2. Great video. Most paths lead back to the mitochondria – a conclusion I’ve repeatedly come to over the years of doing research.

  3. Thanks so much for this post, I’ve included it on my blog.

  4. D. Smith

    This is kind of incomplete, IMO.

    So, she’s essentially saying avoid raw dairy too? I can’t see how that will be healthy for people who really need the essential vitamins (A,D,E,K) and fatty acids found in raw milk and raw cheeses and real dairy butter, etc. Most likely if you have MS and are allergic to dairy, you already know it and stay away from it. But if you’re not allergic I can’t see that avoiding it will benefit anyone.

    She doesn’t exactly stress eating meat as much as veggies and fruits. In some parts of the country, finding organic fresh fruits and veggies is not easy, depending on the season.

    She doesn’t say if she takes anything in supplemental form. I do not like fish AT ALL, but will take fish oil supplements if necessary although I burp them. I have trouble with taking CoQ10 – it messes with my heartbeat rate to a major degree. So sometimes I would need to utilize supplements and other times I would have to make do with getting what I need from food. Sometimes getting what we need from food is not possible because we’d have to eat sooooooo much.

    There are more than a few pieces of this puzzle which are missing, in my estimation. Could we do a second video and fill in the blanks?

    • J. Daoust

      D. Smith…….. From the research I have done, milk is one of the worst things you can drink. The protein in milk actually blocks your body from absorbing calcium, therefor causes osteoporosis and causes far more health problems then benefits.

      Watch the video “Milk, The Deadly Poison” on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYpafipJyDE

      I also had MS and reversed it using BodyTalk, healthy eating and regular exercise. For more info on the health benefits of BodyTalk follow this link and listen to the audios http://www.synergywellness.org/presentations.html

      • deen

        J. Daoust
        It may help you to understand by watching these 2 videos on you tube
        This gentleman explain some of the differences between clean raw milk and
        Pasteurized milk
        My view is i agree, that pasteurized processed milk is a deadly poison.

    • I believe the video serves as a promotion for the book, *Minding My Mitochondria.* I expect some of the missing pieces would be provided there. Also, if fish oil gives you an unpleasant aftertaste, try one of the flavored Coromega’s Omega 3 travel-sized squeeze packets–no initial fish oil taste; no aftertaste either and no fishy belches. The lime flavor is the best.

  5. More details are in the book MINDING MY MITOCHONDRIA (amazon US site). Can’t tell the entire story in 18 minutes.
    Visit http://www.terrywahls.com and http://www.thewahlsfoundation.com if you wish to learn more about what I did.

  6. D. Smith

    Thank you for the further links. I will also check out the book and possibly get that ordered. I have a niece who has MS in remission right now, but NOW is the time I feel she should be doing something to help herself. Maybe with something as necessary as food, I might be able to make my point. Otherwise, she is quite resistant to “alternatives” and will only do what her doctors tell her. It’s downright sad to see people who are so closed-minded about nutrition and it’s values. I was, however, hesitant about sending her the information as presented in the vid because we’ve just now gotten her to the point where she has at least TRIED raw milk. They live in CA which is beneficial for her because raw milk is legal there. I have also gotten her to look into making bone broths (how easy is that) and drinking carrot juice with cream, as in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Hopefully those things will get her started down the right path and make her think more about using food as medicine.

  7. Ian Graham

    My daughter, 22, had a serious brain concussion a month ago, was hospitalized and is still there. no way the food inside is ‘nutrient dense’ so we’re taking in as much as we can. I’d like some clarity from Dr Wahls on raw milk and raw dairy generally as regards its benefits for vitamin availability and uptake. (and I have ordered the book. The study she talks about in the youtube is not on her site nor in the medical literature.)

  8. deen

    Hi Ian
    There is a M.D. in Washington D.C.
    who has a great deal of knowledge with raw milk as a healing tool.

    You may want to contact him also.

    • Kelly Schrader

      CAn you share who the doctor in Washington DC. I would like more information on raw dairy and is it good/bad for people with MS. I know store bought pasturized is awful for us but I’m conflicted on raw diary and even fermented raw dairy vs raw milk.

    • Jonas

      Hi Deen – who is this doctor? Thanks.

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