Michael Schmidt makes naughty or nice list on Bill Marler’s “Food Safety News”

But he’s in good company. Raw milk journalist David Gumpert also made that list. From Dan Flynn, on Food Safety News:


Michael Schmidt is a Canadian raw-milk farmer who went on a five-week hunger strike, vowing to “go unto death” until Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty met briefly with him on Nov. 4 to discuss Canada’s ban on the sale of unpasteurized milk. Although a spokesman said McGinty has no plans to change Canada’s raw-milk policy, the premier suggested Schmidt lobby members of Parliament to see if there is support for overturning the ban.

Schmidt says his protest caused him to lose 50 pounds. On Nov. 25, he was convicted on 13 charges related to the sale and distribution of unpasteurized milk and cheese, and operating a plant without a license. He was fined $9,150 and put on probation. Now he is appealing the convictions….”


David E. Gumpert is an author, journalist and raw milk advocate. A Food Safety News contributor, he makes sensible points about the regulation of raw milk, relative to other risky foods.

But early in 2011 some of his remarks on the stump went over the top. “As far as I can tell, we are at war,” Gumpert told raw milk advocates protesting outside FDA headquarters in Virginia.

Raw milk advocates should be able to make their case in this country’s legislative halls. They will accomplish nothing by going to the guns with inflammatory rhetoric, and Gumpert knows that. To say otherwise is naughty….”

Get the whole list on Food Safety News.



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2 responses to “Michael Schmidt makes naughty or nice list on Bill Marler’s “Food Safety News”

  1. Educate yourselves as to what a jury can do. Our legislatures just declared war on the American people by passing a law saying they can kidnap, torture, and murder any of us for any reason and without trial.

    Do you think these psychopaths are the people to go to over the raw milk issue? Watch these film on the power of the jury:



  2. jhoe

    which ones are u talking about , because there are some really sick raw milk supporters that would do any thing to get media attention!Just look at this site!

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