A new study confirms Dr. Weston A. Price’s findings on nutrition and health

From Cure Tooth Decay.com

“A new study, published in the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, has shown a significant increase in the number of dental caries in native cultures that are introduced to fruit juices and sugary foods. The study was based on children in an area of Libya that is being introduced to a more westernized diet. The study took into account the dental health of 791 children that were 12 years of age. The children were screened for presence of dental caries (cavities). Results from the study showed that almost 60 percent of the children examined had dental caries. Conclusions from the study state that;

 “Frequency of consumption of fruit-based sugared drinks was statistically significantly positively associated with experience of caries … Dental caries experience was associated with frequency of consumption of sugared dietary items…” (Huew, Waterhouse, and et al )

 This new study explains the same phenomenon that Weston Price observed in the 1930’s. He found that the dental health of cultures that were introduced to modern or western foods would rapidly deteriorate. Cultures that stuck to a native diet of meats, vegetables, and dairy products would have little to no signs of tooth decay or cavities. They exhibited optimum dental health, and their facial features were formed properly. Once the culture was introduced to modern foods, their dental health would decline. Cavities and tooth decay rates would rise, and young children would have dental arches and jaws that were not formed properly….”

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