Ghosts of the Soviet era haunting U.S.?

How does contemporary America look to a former Soviet refugee? From Igor Birman, in the Orange County Register:

The Raven. Click image for source.

“One of the most haunting impressions of my Soviet childhood was stories my grandparents told about the Black Raven. As a small boy I was terrified of this polished and poised creature of the night, usually sighted as it crouched to swoop upon an unsuspecting victim and carry him away, never to be seen again.

The Black Raven, however, was no avian figment of the human mind. Rather, this secret-police sedan – named for the Russian symbol of death – was a very real fixture of life in the Soviet Union of 1930s.

Those who saw the Raven stop outside their building of communal flats contemplated last words to families as they waited tensely for the dreaded knock. Hearing a knock on another door brought a macabre sense of relief, lasting only until the Raven’s next appearance. Such was the abject terror of living in the claws of despotism. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t tempered by that infamous platitude: “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”

How very different from a life in America, secured from fear by the assurances of individual liberty.

But in the 17 years since I became an American we’ve been averting our gaze as these sacred assurances slowly waned. With passage this month of the National Defense Authorization Act, we look away again as Congress exposes Americans to the specter of prison without charge or trial and smothers that basic right of free citizens to invoke the law against their government.

Predictably, proponents of dispensing with that antiquated and inconvenient notion of due process would have us believe that warnings of the tentacles of tyranny are so much flimflam. …”

The author of this article, a former teenage Soviet refugee is now chief of staff to California Rep. Tom McClintock.

Read it all on The Orange County Register.

For history on the Sovietization of America read Dr. Peter Beter’s archive.


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2 responses to “Ghosts of the Soviet era haunting U.S.?

  1. Bill Anderson

    The creeping totalitarianism of the US corporate military-industrial complex is very troubling. Its not the first time in history this has happened in the US, though. The World War I era saw many radicals and dissidents in America imprisoned and deported without due process. The most famous was socialist party presidential candidate Eugene Debs, who recieved over a million votes from behind bars in the 1920 presidential campaign.

  2. nedlud

    The United States of Amerika was establsihed through THEFT and GENOCIDE..

    There were people already here in 1492.

    Where are they now?

    EMPIRE is built entirely on lies, deception and never having to say or feel, ‘sorry’.

    Great place, this USA and Canada…..

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