“When it comes to raw milk, the best expert is you” — Karen Selick

From Karen Selick, on the Digital National Post:

Michael Schmidt with lawyer Karen Selick at a Queen's Park news conference in Feb. 2010

“Raw-milk crusader Michael Schmidt finally got to meet with Ontario Premier Dalton Mcguinty last month after a 37-day hunger strike. But the Premier told him the government had no plans to change the law to legalize raw milk sales, and that it would rely on the best advice of medical experts.

But what is the best advice of medical experts? Perhaps the better question is what is it today — as anyone who closely follows medical news knows, what’s considered healthy one week is often feared, or dismissed, the next. Forty years ago, for example, women were told to perform a self-exam every month to check for breast cancer. Last month, experts retracted that advice: Breast self-exams “have no benefit and should not be used.”

Dramatic reversals of expert opinion like this are not unusual. Decades ago, approximately 90% of children underwent tonsillectomies; now, only 20% do. Today tonsils are recognized as important organs in children’s immune systems. Prior to 1994, experts at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) forbade health-food marketers Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw from putting this statement on fish oil supplements: “Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.” Pearson and Shaw challenged the FDA’S ruling in court, and after seven years of litigation, the FDA finally capitulated.

During those seven years, a million Americans suffered suddendeath heart attacks, some of which might have been prevented if consumers had been given the information that is now considered established science. Health Canada’s website, for instance, now says consuming omega-3 fatty acids may have not only cardiovascular benefits, but also beneficial effects on diabetes, depression, cancer, lupus, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Sometimes the about-face comes much more quickly. The drug Avastin was approved by Health Canada for treating breast cancer in February of 2009, but approval was withdrawn last month, because its side effects include the increased risk of death from heart attacks and strokes.

Politicians may find it convenient to sidestep difficult issues by deferring to “the experts.” But nobody on Earth is more expert than the individual at answering the crucial question that arises repeatedly in every person’s life: What risks am I willing to accept?

Statisticians can tell us the risk associated with skydiving, smoking cigarettes, travelling by airplane or driving a car. What they cannot tell us is whether any particular individual should prefer to accept or reject the risk of those activities. Each individual must consider, and balance, the variables they deem important: How pleasurable will this be? How frightened will I be? How necessary is this? How much will it cost? What alternatives are there? Only the individual is sufficiently expert in each of those areas to reach the proper conclusion for their specific case. If one person decides to travel by airplane while another decides to travel by car, neither of them is wrong. Their values and preferences simply lead them to accept different risks….”

Read it all on the National Post.

Karen Selick is litigation director for the Canadian Constitution Foundation, and lawyer for Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt.


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5 responses to ““When it comes to raw milk, the best expert is you” — Karen Selick

  1. It’s behind a paywall. (Well, a “21 day free” paywall, which means I’d forget to stop it and get charged. Just Say No to Big Media imposing their ways on the Internet!)

    I suppose copyright concerns mean the entire article can’t be posted here?

    • nedlud

      @Jan Steinman:

      Lawyer=Liar and hypocrite

      Copyright=0rganized crime and removal of wealth and belongings from the mamy poor to few rich through something called intellectual property, ie., ‘I am smarter than you and have more soldiers under my command, who will do whatever I tell them.’

  2. rainhard pitschke

    Gee whiz…I wonder if Karen has the same attitude about ‘legal experts’. But then, her answer is behind a bigger ‘paywall’…and is of course…”No. You must and are only allowed to choose the credentialed expert…whose own advice is not just prone to but seeks reversal.” What a ridiculous farce!
    Oh! It’s for Conrad Black’s Bildergurg outfit, the “National Pest”. Yuk , yuk.

  3. nedlud

    What ‘experts’ are (and this includes ALL lawyers), are obedience-trained servants of the present day oligarchy and techno-totalitarian state. They receive their ‘training’ through a series of punishment/reward sessions otherwise known as public and private higher education. As they ‘progress’, in their obedience training and become more and more servile, they get larger and larger doses of reward: MONEY
    In general, until lately perhaps, everyone thinks this is all hunky-dory and a great sign of success.

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