The Greatest Starvation… incoming?

From Video Rebel’s blog:

“…Modern America not only imports its oil and manufactured items but it also is a net importer of food. What do you think will happen when the the dollar crashes, unemployment soars past 30%, more than 2 million government workers are fired and the cost of food and energy doubles overnight?

America moved from being an agrarian society living near farms and food in 1933 to urban dwellers nowhere near cows, chickens and gardens. But Americans will be living closer to 170 million or more people who will not have enough money to pay their bills and eat….”


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5 responses to “The Greatest Starvation… incoming?

  1. I wrote the above piece. I am no expert on agriculture. Bur I see some short and long term food problems.

    I expect so much volcanic activity that weather will be cooler next summer. If Katla volcano in Iceland blows, it will blow so much ice into the air that it will flood the fields in Europe as it did in 1918.

    Long term I see a shortage of farmers as they are near retirement age. But that is according to plan. The Big corporations want control of the food. They want 6 billion of us dead.

  2. So, we will stop paying people not to grow. Get the food that the Governtment has been storing.
    Reverse course and become a farming community again!
    go the way of the Amish and start working with horses!

    • We need to finance family farms to get young and qualified people into farming.
      We need to cancel some farm debt along with other debts.
      And no subsidies and preferences for Corporate farms.

      I will be issuing my 2012 Predictions Thursday and key platform points on New Years Eve.

      We can take back this government.

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