Why McDonalds failed in Bolivia

From Hispanically Speaking News:

“…The failure of McDonald’s in Bolivia had such a deep impact in the company’s Creative and Marketing staff, that they produced a documentary titled “Why did McDonald’s Bolivia go Bankrupt,” trying to explain why did Bolivians never crossed-over from empanadas to Big Macs.

The documentary includes interviews with cooks, sociologists, nutritionists and educators who all seem to agree, Bolivians are not against hamburgers per sé, just against ‘fast food,’ a concept widely unaccepted in the Bolivian community.

Fast-food represents the complete opposite of what Bolivians consider a meal should be. To be a good meal, food has to have be prepared with love, dedication, certain hygiene standards and proper cook time.”

Read it all on Hispanically Speaking News.


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6 responses to “Why McDonalds failed in Bolivia

  1. nedlud

    Yeay, Bolivia.

    Nonetheless, I’m sure there’ll be ‘retaliation’ for this.

    You can’t stop ‘scientific’ progress and the GREAT and vast corporate/bureaucratic system of control, with mere folk wisdom and local tradition and local preference/understanding.

    How dare they? ??

    • I know Bolivians can’t just say no to the big companies out there, I mean we have “Burger King” but that is far from “Hambuguesas Toro”, we don’t have KFC Because I’m sure they will never beat “Pollos Copacabana”, well, maybe one day. but what about the rest, Bolivia has so many traditional food that I didn’t even taste, I cannot wait to watch that movie “Why did McDonald’s Bolivia go Bankrupt’

  2. thebovine

    Well, Walmart had a similar sort of failure in Germany, or so I’ve heard.

  3. DanB

    I hate to rain on everyone’s triumphalist parade, but if you fact check HSN’s story, you’ll find that the closures happened 9 years ago, in 2002.

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