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Michael Schmidt keynote speaker at NOFA, New Jersey in January 2012

Michael Schmidt has been invited to be a keynote speaker at this winter’s NOFA conference in Princeton New Jersey:


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Monsanto sued in India over biopiracy

Thanks to Andrew Kohl on the Support Michael Schmidt Facebook group:

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Fledgling Raw Milk Institute challenged

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“The fledgling Raw Milk Institute is in trouble.

The grandiose plan for a national organization that will at once establish raw milk production standards, educate farmers on improving their safety protocols, lobby for raw milk legislative expansion, and back research into raw milk’s benefits finds itself hobbled by internal dissension out of the gate.

I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to question whether the group can survive what has turned out to be a huge test of its purpose and objectivity. Continue reading


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Small farmers fighting the good fight

From Richard S. Gubbe in the Rock River Times:

“The best defense is a good offense. That axiom is proving to be the best strategy for the small farmer in America.

In two instances in neighboring states, the small, organic farmer is taking the initiative while enlisting the help of neighbors as well as local law enforcement to push back after being pushed around.

In Loganville, Wis., the saga of Mennonite farmer Vernon Hershberger has switched from defense to offense after four charges were levied this month. Hershberger has turned the pressure back on the state after being charged with four misdemeanors for selling raw milk and organic foods to his food club. Continue reading

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