Raw milk battle top health story of 2011

Tracey Richardson in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“No pandemic, no contaminated drinking water, no catastrophes, yet Grey-Bruce still proved fertile ground for newsworthy health-care stories in 2011.

Here are my selections of the top local health stories of the year:

1. Michael Schmidt. Schmidt, the Durham-area raw milk crusader, takes the Number 1 spot because of his public middle-finger waving to the Grey Bruce Health Unit. In October, a defiant Schmidt handed out what he said was unpasteurized milk to a rally of his supporters in the parking lot of the health unit, right below the office window of Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hazel Lynn.

In September, Schmidt was found guilty of 15 charges related to a cow-share raw milk distribution operation after the Ontario Court of Justice overturned a lower court ruling. He was placed on probation for a year and fined $9,150 — a fine he says he has no intention of paying. He may yet face more charges in connection with the October rally in Owen Sound, but the health unit is at a crossroads with Schmidt. They want to make sure any new charges would stick, because they know Schmidt will fight them tooth and nail. They also know that protracted legal fights are extremely expensive and there may not be public appetite to spend that kind of money….”

Read it all in the Owen Sound Sun Times.


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3 responses to “Raw milk battle top health story of 2011

  1. Bill Anderson

    Very nice Michael! As usual, your principled stand is an inspiration to us all!

  2. charles jasunas

    Hey Michael , did you offer Dr. Lynn A class of raw milk ? Maybe she would have liked it. Who knows.

  3. Milk Wench-Pat Winter

    “7. We’re not very healthy. We eat and drink too much, don’t exercise enough, have high blood pressure and get injured at twice the provincial average” They are too busy persecuting Michael and raw milk drinkers, They should look to them perhaps for how to better their health

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