“Got raw milk” — Michael Schmidt’s keynote at NOFA — news on NJ.com

From Today’s Sunbeam, on NJ.com:

“The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey will hold its 2012 Winter Conference on Jan. 28 and 29 at Princeton University’s Friend Center. Farmers, gardeners, cooks and people who care about healthy farming for a better world will be there.

Last year’s event attracted 400 people from New Jersey and surrounding states, and even more are expected for this year’s expanded agenda, two full days instead of last year’s day and a half.

The “Radical Homemaker” herself, Shannon Hayes of Sap Bush Hollow Farm in Warnerville, N.Y., will kick off the conference with her talk, “The End of Consumerism.  Hayes’ research and writings about homemaking as an ecological movement have landed her and her family on the pages and airwaves of the New York Times, National Public Radio, The Atlantic, Yes! Magazine and many more.

Dairy farmer, raw milk “law breaker” and organic advocate Michael Schmidt, of Glencolton Farms in Ontario, will give the closing keynote, “Got Raw Milk?”…”

Read it all on NJ.com


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2 responses to ““Got raw milk” — Michael Schmidt’s keynote at NOFA — news on NJ.com

  1. Marietta Pellicano

    Go Shanon!!! Go Michael!!! Is there any way we out here in California can get an audio/video of these presentations??? I would truly like to hear them! God Bless you both. And may the revolution begin!

  2. Theresa

    They were both excellent presentations as well as Joseph Heckman’s talk on Raw Milk! Key points: Raw milk has living organisms that kill off pathogens. Experiment: leave 2 glasses of milk out on the counter: one raw milk, one pasteurized for several days. See what happens. One thing–the raw milk sours, but is still edible while the pasteurized milk putrefies. Try it yourself to find out to discover the other surprise. Raw milk’s bad rap came about during the increase of CAFO’s. Cows pooping where they stand all day. This is the source of pathogens such as E. coli. Raw milk contains enzymes that break down lactose. Pasteurization destroys the enzymes, making lactose hard to digest for some, thus, results in lactose intolerance in some individuals. Only eleven or so states completely ban the sale of raw milk: http://farmtoconsumer.org/raw_milk_map.htm While other countries sell raw milk in vending machines: https://thebovine.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/raw-milk-in-poland-interview-with-a-polish-raw-milk-vending-machine-maker/ . What’s the fuss about selling raw milk then? Maybe it lies in the hand of big industries and their lobbyists. It should be the people’s choice. Michael Schmidt has a great story to tell, one that justifies our concern: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Milk-War-the-documentary/146659132023448?sk=wall Face it–cows belong out on small farms, grazing and fertilizing the pasture and humans should have the right to choose what they eat.

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