The art of making raw milk cheese

From the Happy Homesteader:

Curds in the whey ... where is little Ms. Muffet? Photo via Happy Homesteader.

“Cheese making is most certainly an art, not a science.  There are many ways in which the cheese making process can go off track.  This is in part because the process is mostly open to the air, and also because there are many variables.  As a small-scale cheese producer, you can follow the same recipe twice and get different results.

I have been fortunate enough to experiment with the art of cheese making, which has been both a source of great joy and frustration.  I have produced cheeses that have been the toast of the table and garnered rave reviews.  I have also produced a cheese that much resembled a rubber disc.  It even bounced.
The good news in the bad results is that your chickens will greatly appreciate your mistakes.  They will also help make those mistakes disappear quickly!  A good farmer knows to waste nothing.

If you are persistent, creative and not afraid of failure, you can make some wonderful farm fresh cheese.  There is nothing like eating cheese that you have made!  You also get to name your cheese.  I have made and shared the following cheeses you won’t find at your local store:  ‘The Velvet Melter’, ‘Fromage Blanc’, ‘Farmer Jayson’s Creamy Goodness’, and ‘Moolicious Magic’.

All of the cheeses I made were from mesophilic starter cultures.  I made cheese with these cultures, because they did not require me to pasteurize my milk.  The easiest culture I found to work with was Probat 222, which is available from Danlac Canada.

If you happen to be in Alberta, stop on in to Danlac, but make sure you call ahead!  Make sure you call ahead though.  Egon Skovmose, runs Danlac from his home is Airdre, Alberta.  He is very knowledgeable and full of great advice for those starting out in their cheese-making journey….”

Read it all on The Happy Homesteader.

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  1. I want to thank you for the awareness you are creating around the raw milk issue. I am personally disturbed that the government would choose to waste resources in fighting against food that is healthy and natural. It is unfortunate that we live in a country where you can more easily acquire alcohol and tobacco then healthy food. Keep up the good fight!

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