Why we love raw milk…

From Nourished Kitchen.com:

“We drink raw milk as many people who prefer clean and unadulterated foods do. Traditional dairying cultures studied by Weston A Price always consumed their milk in a raw and unadulterated state.

Pasteurization, invented in the 19th century, began to applied to milk and cream in the early 20th century. Raw milk is extraordinarily rich in nutrients: natural vitamins that are otherwise destroyed by pasteurization, food enzymes that help you to better digest the milk and beneficial bacteria that support immune system health.It is critical, however, that the raw milk you drink is not ordinary raw milk; rather, make sure you’re choosing a good supplier.

Your supplier should keep his or her cows or goats on pasture, fed on grass and fresh hay, with plenty of room to move around. The milk area should be impeccably clean, free from manure, stray hay and other potential sources of contamination. The milk should be immediately chilled and it should be regularly tested for pathogens (with the results of those tests being made available to you)….”

“My family drinks raw milk not only because it a source of beautiful nourishment not found in pasteurized milk: naturally occurring vitamins (in pasteurized milk, synthetic vitamins are added back in to make up for the nourishment lost), wholesome fats, food enzymes and beneficial bacteria. We also prefer raw milk because it is an additional way in which my family can support local farmers who offer greater accountability than do large industrial agriculture operations.

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13 responses to “Why we love raw milk…

  1. I’m glad for any positive review of raw milk, but c’mon, now! “The milk area should be impeccably clean, free from manure, stray hay and other potential sources of contamination.” This is the dairy industry’s agenda! I’m afraid we flunk that test. This sounds like yet another city person telling farmers what to do.

    Follow that path down the road to $20,000 worth of stainless steel and forced use of environmentally destructive cleaners and anti-microbial agents that are creating a scourge of antibiotic-resistant “super bugs.” (We use only hot water, simple soap, vinegar, and baking soda for cleaning.)

    Not to mention selective enforcement and entrapment — “What’s that I see there, a stray bit of hay? You’re shut down while we conduct a proper investigation!”

    A local artisanal cheese maker was shut down recently because Campylobacter jejuni was found in one of their drains in the milking room. No one got sick, and no pathogen was found in any of their cheese — it was in a drain, for gosh sakes!

    I’m also not in favour of “regularly tested for pathogens” as a way of making sure your milk is good. We know Maple Leaf Foods is “regularly tested for pathogens,” but that didn’t keep them from killing a dozen people! This is yet another way to force small suppliers out of business — by making them adhere to industrial standards.

    Let’s forget about the “how” and focus on the “what.” Does your raw milk farmer drink their own product? Are they healthy? Then they must be doing things right, and no amount of stainless steel or anti-microbial soap or testing is going to change that.

    I agree with public health authorities on one thing: germophobes should stay away from raw milk.

  2. nedlud

    @Jan Steinman:

    Excellent comment.

    Thanks for making it.

    People should have to milk their own cows and goats, more often. Then, they would have a little idea.

    I have always said, we need a lot more farmers and lot less city people!


  3. deen

    Jan Steinman.Your third eye is open.You see very clear.
    Have to really agree with the 2 commentsa before me.
    The germophobes do not seem to be surviving to well today.Wonder why?
    To bad they seem to be destroying so many others( children)immune
    systems with vaccines and anti-biotics (against life).
    However that is their choice.Just wish they would leave us to make our own choice.

  4. Mona

    Well said Jan.
    Healthy is the goal. As it was throughout history. The history that didn’t likely use anything more then water, simple soap, vinegar, and baking soda for cleaning. The history of hands milking the cows. The history in which we decended from. Those germophobes should research the whole history and then get real.

  5. deen

    Just wanted to add these articles to the dialogue and the mental issue of germophobes
    We have to teach teach teach as Dr Weston A Price said.
    Below are 2 insighful important articles you will not see in mainstream media.Please take time to look at them.It could help save a life.


  6. deen

    Thought i would add this as most people today are not readers.

    For those who need the audio visual version.Watch Sudan Humphries break it down so even i blind person can see the evil and

    everyone can understand.Also please see what she gives as the solution.
    Mothers breast milk(raw milk)
    Please try to see the war on raw milk farmers is way beyond the milk board in Canada.War .This war is taking place on every part of our planet.
    Wake up or die in your sleep.

  7. You may be interested in this article – http://vactruth.com/2011/03/25/government-documents-show-ddt-contaminated-milk/

    I had the documents on Scribd but they’ve been deleted. However, the references are still there. I’m working on getting them uploaded. The keywords you want to search for are “Dairy Indemnity Program” and you’ll see how commercial milk was tainted with agricultural chemicals… The reason this is on my vaccine website is because the at the height of the DDT spraying came the polio epidemic.

    Obviously, the justification, rationale and solution for the mysterious ‘poliovirus’ was a vaccine.

  8. deen

    Out of respect for Dr.Humphries here is the correct spelling of her name

    Dr Suzanne Humphries, a practicing nephrologist (kidney physician)

  9. deen

    Please note Dr Weston A Price research and finding on Tuberculosis in the context of raw milk and vaccinations.
    Is it not interesting that Doctor Price and his profound research is not taught in Allopathic medical schools or schools of Dentistry as far as i know.
    Why is that?If you have the answer please share it.
    For those who do not know Dr. Price here is a short clip on Real Nutrition.

    Let us try to save some children.

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