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Raw milk outbreak, Canadian style

From a document on the Grey Bruce Health Unit website:

“It is impossible to produce sterile milk directly from an animal source. Sources of contamination include commensal or pathogenic flora of the udder or teat canal, the animal’s skin, fecal soiling of the udder, contaminated milking equipment, water used to clean the milking equipment, and milk storage containers. In addition, commensal or pathogenic organisms from milkers, insects, rodents, birds, and other animals may enter milk.

The consumption of unpasteurized or raw milk has always been dangerous and the same holds true today. Pasteurization of milk kills most potential pathogenic organisms but does not sterilize the milk. Continue reading


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Raw dairy one of 7 ways to not be SAD

From Dr. Axe:

Photo via Dr. Axe's blog

“In the U.S. an estimated 4-6% of the population are seriously affected when the weather turns grey, cloudy and cold. The Cleveland Clinic estimates the figure could be as high as 20% of the population.

The condition affects mostly women in their 20s, 30s and 40s but can affect men and adolescents too. Scientists are unsure why some people suffer from winter blues and others are unaffected by it. One theory is that some people have a biological disposition to it or that certain triggers need to be present. Symptoms of SAD include feeling down, losing interest in activities, insomnia and sinking into depression. Continue reading

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Obama rejects raw milk petition

From Bill Marler’s Food Safety News:

“The Obama administration delivered its official response last week to the 6,078 signors of a petition on WhiteHouse.gov who requested federal-level legalization of all raw milk sales. The response indicated that the White House continues to support the current regulation of raw milk sales, which allow states to determine legality but prohibits its sale across state lines.

 The response was written by Doug McKalip, White House senior policy adviser for rural affairs, who said the administration recognizes the importance of letting consumers control their own food choices. The 143 illness outbreaks associated with raw milk since 1987, however, underscore the dangers of its consumption. Continue reading


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What are they saying ’bout raw milk?

From Jacob Sullum, on Reason.com:

“Do you hate pot-smoking vegans but love raw milk? Have I got a website for you. On its face, Thoughtful Living is meant to be a refutation of two pernicious cultural trends: the belief that cannabis is harmless fun and the belief that a diet free of animal products is healthy. But it is actually an exercise in distinguishing subtle satire from earnest crankiness. Here are a few reasons why I favor the latter interpretation:

1) The anti-pot propaganda is not as over the top as it could be. Yes, there is the obligatory anecdote about the guy who got hooked on the reefer because he mistakenly thought it was not addictive, the criticism of medical marijuana laws as covers for recreational use, and even a call to boycott Progressive Insurance because of its founder’s support for marijuana reform. Continue reading


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Long Island chemtrails trial continues: “We won’t be sprayed like bugs”

Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring”, which kickstarted the American environmental movement, was prompted by a legal challenge to blanket pesticide spraying over populated areas. That was then. This is now.

From Dprogram.com:

(Youtube) – December 11th, 2011 – Legislation to Stop Geoengineering Long Island’s Sky Receives Huge Citizen Response this is 55 minutes of citizens asking their local government to enact legislation to stop this treasonous spraying taking place in their (and our) skies.. there was a lot more people speaking out than just this.

This marks a serious deviation from the past, where people have remained silent locally on this issue, and proves we are reaching a tipping point- a critical mass if you will on the issue- it will continue to gain ground and momentum, and can’t be stopped now. Continue reading

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