What are they saying ’bout raw milk?

From Jacob Sullum, on Reason.com:

“Do you hate pot-smoking vegans but love raw milk? Have I got a website for you. On its face, Thoughtful Living is meant to be a refutation of two pernicious cultural trends: the belief that cannabis is harmless fun and the belief that a diet free of animal products is healthy. But it is actually an exercise in distinguishing subtle satire from earnest crankiness. Here are a few reasons why I favor the latter interpretation:

1) The anti-pot propaganda is not as over the top as it could be. Yes, there is the obligatory anecdote about the guy who got hooked on the reefer because he mistakenly thought it was not addictive, the criticism of medical marijuana laws as covers for recreational use, and even a call to boycott Progressive Insurance because of its founder’s support for marijuana reform.

At the same time, however, Thoughtful Living concedes that cannabis has medical applications and even holds up New Jersey as a model because it is “taking steps to make sure that medical marijuana, when available, will only go to the chronically sick patients.” The site says “some [but not all!] advocates are using medical marijuana as a backdoor excuse to full legalization” and worries that people may “believe there are no other remedies for certain illnesses” while overlooking marijuana’s “harmful [but unspecified] side effects.” All in all, the writer sounds more tolerant and compassionate on this subject than the Obama administration….”


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2 responses to “What are they saying ’bout raw milk?

  1. C. Al Currier

    I have not been able to access the ‘Thoughtful Living’ website (down for maintenance?) shown on the Reason article:

  2. C. Al Currier

    Please disregard above comment. The website ‘Thoughtful Living’ is back up-and-running. Feel free to delete the above comment along with this one.

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