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Meat, sex and drugs

From Puff the Mutant Dragon:

Google image via Puff the Mutant Dragon

“This is a GoogleMaps picture of a farm near Goldsboro in North Carolina (map). The two salami-colored ponds on either side are lagoons, but not the kind where you want to swim. They’re open basins full of feces. To get a feel for the size, try comparing them with the cars in the dirt lot. As the Google Map will demonstrate, there are several more of these lagoons situated nearby. (You can imagine the breeze downwind of these facilities must have a rather bracing quality to it, especially on warm summer afternoons.) Continue reading


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First prominent raw milk crackdown in the U.S. in recent years was in 2006, the year of the Michael Schmidt raid

From Michael Tennant, in The New American:

“The first prominent crackdown in recent years occurred in Michigan in 2006. Following an undercover investigation of a farming cooperative in Ann Arbor, authorities pulled over Richard Hebron and confiscated about $7,000 worth of food, including 453 gallons of raw milk, that he was delivering to the co-op.

They also searched his home office and seized his computer. “When they tested the milk, they couldn’t find any problems with it,” Hebron told Time magazine. “It seems like they’re just looking for some way to shut us down.” Six months after the incident, following an enormous amount of public protest, the state settled with Hebron on relatively favorable terms. Continue reading

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World Health Org. comes out against the use of mercury in dental amalgams

Dr. Mercola has the scoop:

“The World Health Organization (WHO) released its final report on dental amalgam, and has taken a stance against the use of mercury in dentistry — a move that could signal the beginning of the end for this toxic, outdated practice.

In their report, Future Use of Materials for Dental Restoration, WHO committed itself “to work for reduction of mercury and … facilitate the work for a switch in use of dental materials.”

The report states that amalgam “has been associated with general health concerns” and releases a “significant amount of mercury” into the environment. Continue reading

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