World Health Org. comes out against the use of mercury in dental amalgams

Dr. Mercola has the scoop:

“The World Health Organization (WHO) released its final report on dental amalgam, and has taken a stance against the use of mercury in dentistry — a move that could signal the beginning of the end for this toxic, outdated practice.

In their report, Future Use of Materials for Dental Restoration, WHO committed itself “to work for reduction of mercury and … facilitate the work for a switch in use of dental materials.”

The report states that amalgam “has been associated with general health concerns” and releases a “significant amount of mercury” into the environment.

It also notes that alternatives to amalgam are readily available….”

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One response to “World Health Org. comes out against the use of mercury in dental amalgams

  1. BC Food Security

    I think the basic rule of thumb is that if something is bad for the public but it has already been incorporated into the medical industrial complex then it can take up to about 30 years for the “discovery ” to be made and the announcement to be published that a procedure or drug is no longer recommended. The opposite can also be true. If something is good but would result in radical cost savings for the consumer and public at the expense of pharmaceutical industry then you can expect to have to wait around 25 or 30 years for it to be come “news”. Anyone who tries to radically speed up this process will be labelled a quack , a con artist or worse.

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