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How bad news about industrial food is good news for raw milk and food rights

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

“The unsettling news about questionable factory foods just keeps coming.

A few days ago, it was Coca Cola saying it found a fungicide in orange juice it produces in Brazil for sale in the U.S.

A few days before that, the USDA was proposing to approve GMO corn that will be based in part on the herbicide of Vietnam War fame, Agent Orange.

Last year, it was 36 million pounds of Cargill turkey contaminated with antibiotic-resistant salmonella.  Continue reading


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Raw milk black market in New York

From Ellen Frankman, on The Daily Meal:

“Most Sundays, Tyrone Mayorga sets out a cooler in the entrance of his West Village walk-up apartment building, waiting for a delivery van service to fill it with raw, unpasteurized milk. The quasi-legal beverage comes from a creamery co-op that delivers to customers throughout New York City.

“I drink it for the laundry list of health benefits,” Mayorga, 23, said. “I’m all about a return to raw living [and] natural and sustainable food products, no matter the fat content. I also drink it because I like the idea of keeping small farmers in business, knowing my money is being given to honest, hardworking members of my community.” Continue reading


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