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“Myths versus Realities of Raw Milk” — Michael Schmidt talk at NOFA, Jan. 29

From Scott Morgan, on Central Jersey.com

“It was 2006, and for the second time, Michael Schmidt was confronted by armed policemen on his farm. They came — 25 of them — in camouflage fatigues and hazmat suits to shut down his illegal operation.

But this was no U.S. government raid against a suspected foreign-born bioterrorist. This was Ontario, Canada. And it was all about milk.

Twelve years earlier, Canadian authorities had raided Mr. Schmidt’s farm for the same reason — to stop him from producing raw (unpasteurized) milk. Largely, he let the furor blow over. But the second raid turned Mr. Schmidt from organic farmer to food-rights activist almost overnight. “After the second raid, I said, ‘Now I’m fighting back,’” he says. “I’m from Germany, so I know what happens when people don’t speak up. There is a moral obligation to fight back.” Continue reading


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Cowshares now legal in B.C.?

This just in from Gordon Watson in B.C.:

Someone just brought to our attention that the regulation which categorically outlawed packaging and distribution of raw milk for human consumption, in British Columbia,  was repealed last year

If what appears on the website < www.bclaws.ca > is correct,  then the bright lights atop the Liberal govt. didn’t even tell the lawyer for Fraser Health Authority prior to our court appearance on December 6th last year. But … as they taught my old man at the Officers Training School …  ” never discount stupidity”

To check this out, go to < www.bclaws.ca > then click on the “P” in the alphabet at the top.   When you get to the next screen with all the Statutes starting with “P”,  scroll down to the Public Health Act. Immediately under that heading, there are the Regulations subordinate to that Act.    Scroll down some more until you see “Public Health Act Transitional Regulation“.  What’s shown there says that sections 6 and 7 were repealed by an Order in Council as of December 2 2011. Continue reading


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