About those psychopathic personalities

Is the fact that many psychopaths gravitate to positions of power part of the reason why we’re so seldom governed “as if people mattered”?

From the Lyme Disease Sentinel blog:

“Narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths come from all walks of life, they come in all shapes and sizes and they can be either a man or a woman. These personality disorders can vary from each other but many of the traits overlap. These personalities tend to cluster in positions where they can feel important, garner attention and have power over others…like the medical system, politics,psychiatrists, some religious leaders…etc.

When it comes to conspiracies…in the world of lyme disease and throughout society, many people often disbelieve the goals and plots of some of these people because they cannot fathom their mindset. Something in their brains is not working right so they lack empathy, compassion, love and they often do not realize the consequences of their actions…in that… in the long run they don’t even realize that their negative actions will often end up harming themselves…”

Read it all on the Lyme Disease Sentinel.



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7 responses to “About those psychopathic personalities

  1. nedlud

    The weakness in most people is that believe so strongly in leaders. But most leaders, today, are psychopaths.

    And this is where the psychopaths have led the people:


  2. You hit the nail on the head of what is wrong with guberment and the world from the local cop, to judges, doctors, attorneys, pastors, and politicians.
    Spread the word….
    And we need fundamental changes in guberment and the way that we control the nut cases.

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