One of Canada’s “big three” dairies, Saputo, recalls milk due to possible contamination with cleaning solution

CFIA image of recalled product via CTV news. Click image to go to the CTV story.

CTV, Global News, Yahoo and Canadian Press are reporting that Saputo dairy has recalled a type of milk product sold in both Ontario and Quebec because it may have been contaminated with a cleaning agent. Apparently you can be too clean.

Yahoo reports that “Milk containing this cleaning solution may not look or smell spoiled, but drinking it may cause symptoms such as nausea, upset stomach or vomiting.”

The product being recalled is Neilson Trutaste 2% in four litre bags. Apparently the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) says there has been one reported reaction to the product.

More on Global News.


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4 responses to “One of Canada’s “big three” dairies, Saputo, recalls milk due to possible contamination with cleaning solution

  1. Bill Anderson

    Good sanitation and CIP is always important… but it sounds like this was due to the inevitable mistake made in large-scale industrial processing.

    It also makes a good case for switching to natural sanitizers such as Hydrogen Peroxide or Peroxyacetic acid, which break down into water and oxygen (and vinegar in the latter) when they contact milk. Chlorine, Phosphoric acid, and sulfuric acid should be used as little as possible, IMO!!

  2. BC Food Security

    Bill :
    What do you think about Iodine on the cow’s teats and/or for other sanitation ? I understand this is Mark Mcafee’s of OPD’s preferred method ?

    2. Chlorine Dioxide has been used in some published studies to mitigate mastitis and Andreas Ludwig Kalcker of Spain has also conducted a study on 800 cows last year using CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution ) injections both preventatively and to mitigate various illnesses. If proven to work it would be an incredibly low cost alternative to pharmaceuticals and vaccinations and without the side effects of contamination of the milk .

  3. aed939

    Interesting. Reminds me of the contamination case where school milk cartons were filled with cleaning solution instead of milk.

    Also interesting–what kind of “milk product” is that? I have never heard of microfiltered milk–is that an alternative to pasteurization? And how do you open and pour it out of a plastic bag? I see they have a picture of a traditional milk bottle so as to assure the customer that this novel packaging is nothing to worry about.

    • 72Cfor16sec

      aed939 You are correct. As I understand it, milk is separated into cream and skim. The skim is passed through a microfilter that retains very small particles, including bacteria. The cream would clog these filters, so it is heat-pasteurized separately. The skim and cream are then blended back together to give the desired fat%. Improves shelf life and taste(?) over conventional pasteurization.
      We have special tall milk jugs. Insert milk bag, snip off the corner and pour. It’s a clever system. it uses little plastic, is easily mechanized for filling, saves shipping weight and avoids wash-water.

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