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Michael Schmidt and raw milk at NOFA: The hunt for Elsie’s grave

This just in from Michael Schmidt, who is reporting on his visit to Princeton New Jersey, where he was a keynote speaker at the recent Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) conference:

Michael Schmidt in New Jersey, at the grave of Elsie the cow.

I just returned from New Jersey where I was asked to give the closing keynote at the NOFA conference at the prestigious Princeton University.

This has been my  second time that I had a chance to exchange ideas, thoughts and challenges of the raw milk movement with Joseph Heckman professor at Ruttgers University.

As insignificant it seems, as amusing was our  journey in order to find Elsie’s grave.  Elsie was the best well known, well travelled Jersey cow from the famous Walker Gordon Farm which had pioneered the ROTO -LACTATER , a rotary milking parlor for 2000 cows, starting around 1920 till 1972 as I recall.  The significance of this operation is, that they produced raw milk for human consumption. Continue reading


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