Sheriff who stood up for Amish farmer against the Feds wins award from peers

From David E. Gumpert, on The Complete Patient blog:

Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County, Indiana, holds his award for "Meritorious Valor".

“One of the best ways to get elected county sheriff these days is to campaign against the encroachments by the federal government on basic rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. And then, to act on your campaign agenda…well, that could win you an award.

A good number of the 125 or so sheriffs attending the first convention of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) in Las Vegas over the last couple of days (together with another approximately 100 other enforcement personnel), appear to have been elected in just the last year or two. One of the most heartwarming stories by a recently elected official came from Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County in Indiana. If you’ll recall, he was featured on this blog in December standing up for one of his farmer constituents, raw dairy farmer David Hochstetler, who was being subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury exploring felony charges in connection with his distribution of raw milk.

Rogers was one of about a dozen speakers at the Sheriffs Convention, and he was interrupted several times by enthusiastic applause from the approximately 225 law enforcement personnel as he recounted the story of how he stood up against the feds on behalf of Hochstetler.  He explained that he was elected sheriff of Elkhart County in 2010 “by a wide margin…I ran on the basis of protecting the Constitution.”

He recalled, “On December 1, I received a call from an Amish farmer in my county. He said, ‘I’m having a problem with the federal government.’ He told me how the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) had been to his farm several times in 2011 alone. I went to see him. I could see it was a clean operation. The problem for the federal government was that he was selling raw milk to cooperatives in Illinois and Michigan. After the third or fourth time the FDA was there, he was subpoenaed before a federal grand jury in Detroit.”…”

Read it all on the Complete Patient blog.


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6 responses to “Sheriff who stood up for Amish farmer against the Feds wins award from peers

  1. I find this some what disingenuous as many of these sheriffs take federal money to fight the “war on drugs” . Sheriff Mac himself had a picture of himself as a drug enforcement agent on his site and seems proud of the fact.
    Do you see a bit of hypocrisy here? Can you trust these people that speak out both sides of their mouths?

  2. Bill Anderson

    Interesting comment, Joe. I too am very skeptical of this “Constitutional Sheriff’s” project, for a number of reasons. See my comment on Gumpert’s blog regarding my reasons.

  3. D. Smith

    It’s very difficult to know who we can trust these days. But I know in my heart that Ron Paul can be trusted, and he’s for letting us have raw milk – with less gov’t interference. He says states should make those decisions and he’s right. It’s much easier to converse with a state rep than a national rep, for sure. He’s “for” a lot of other things most logical people are supporting, and he gets my vote – and I’m not even a republican. I’ll write him on the ballot myself if I have to. GO RON PAUL! GO RON PAUL!!

    It would be nice to believe there are a few honest law enforcement officials, although it’s a stretch.

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