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Farmer Edwin Shank sets a wonderful example for how to take responsibility

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“The last week or so has been a terrible time for Edwin Shank and his family, along with twenty or more of his raw milk customers.

The suspicions that his dairy’s milk was behind an outbreak of campylobacter were confirmed when the Maryland Department of Health reported yesterday that it isolated campylobacter in two unopened jugs of the Pennsylvania dairy’s raw milk retrieved from a customer’s refrigerator.

“So now the wondering, suspense and uncertainty is over for our family and farm crew and is replaced by humiliation and embarrassment,” Shank wrote in a letter to customers and friends of The Family Cow. “Dawn and I have shed a lot of tears over this. Now we know for sure what the growing list of emails and calls from you were pointing to. It was us. We are very sorry.”  Continue reading


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Monsanto calls it quits in Britain

Monsanto has failed to establish a beachhead in Britain, according to this story from British newspaper The Mail Online:

“The giant bio-tech firm Monsanto yesterday announced a major withdrawal from the UK amid intense opposition to genetically modified foods.

The company, the leading multinational behind the production of GM crops, is closing its wheat growing operation, based in Cambridge.

Officials said the move was partly due to the opposition to GM crops which has inspired the Daily Mail’s campaign against so-called “Frankenstein Foods”. Continue reading


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