Farmer Edwin Shank sets a wonderful example for how to take responsibility

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“The last week or so has been a terrible time for Edwin Shank and his family, along with twenty or more of his raw milk customers.

The suspicions that his dairy’s milk was behind an outbreak of campylobacter were confirmed when the Maryland Department of Health reported yesterday that it isolated campylobacter in two unopened jugs of the Pennsylvania dairy’s raw milk retrieved from a customer’s refrigerator.

“So now the wondering, suspense and uncertainty is over for our family and farm crew and is replaced by humiliation and embarrassment,” Shank wrote in a letter to customers and friends of The Family Cow. “Dawn and I have shed a lot of tears over this. Now we know for sure what the growing list of emails and calls from you were pointing to. It was us. We are very sorry.” 

To his credit, Shank has handled the entire crisis of the last week in an upfront, transparent way. He cooperated fully with public health authorities and did extensive private testing in an effort to get to the bottom of the reports of illness among his customers. Campylobacter isn’t easy to isolate in milk, it turns out.

Even today, he invited those sickened by his dairy’s milk to call in. “We would love to communicate with you personally.  We really do care.  You won’t be the first customer we have cried with this week.  My personal email is:  If you can, please leave your phone number too.  Sometimes I get so tired of emailing that I would rather just talk.”…”

Read it all on The Complete Patient.



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5 responses to “Farmer Edwin Shank sets a wonderful example for how to take responsibility

  1. nedlud

    Key words: Accident, mistake, conscience, shame, guilt, suffering, forgiveness, cooperation, intuitiveness, spontaneous, open……..

    Other key words: Manipulation, proselytization, propaganda, currency, control, dogma, misrepresentation, counterintelligence, hidden…..

  2. looking for accurate news

    its raw milk really worth the risk?


    Some (1-2 in 100,000 cases) individuals develop Guillain-Barré syndrome, in which the nerves that join the spinal cord and brain to the rest of the body are damaged, sometimes permanently. This occurs only with infection of C. jejuni and C. upsaliensis.[11]

    Other complications include toxic megacolon, dehydration and sepsis. Such complications generally form in little children (< 1 year of age) and immunocompromised people. A chronic course of the disease is possible; such form of the process is likely to develop without a distinct acute phase. Chronic campylobacteriosis features long period of sub-febrile temperature and asthenia; eye damage, arthritis, endocarditis may develop if infection is untreated.

    Occasional deaths occur in young, previously healthy individuals because of blood volume depletion, and in persons who are elderly or immunocompromised.

    A mysterious paralysis can attack people who just had mild symptoms of campylobacteriosis years earlier.[12]

    simply heating the milk to 71.5 °C (160 °F) to 74 °C (165 °F), for about 15 to 30 seconds would have prevented this.

    • That sounds indeed simple,doesn’t it.

      Question should be asked ,do simple solutions come from simple minds.

      I remember in history lesson how Russians once were portrayed as man eaters. Women were not persons, asbestos was safe, and on and on.

      It would be helpful if someone could describe the gory details of a car accident or some complications of immunization, or the accepted presence of campbylobacter in over 30% of supermarket chicken.

      Also it would be good to find some descriptive language of Government approved drugs with horrendous accepted side effects.
      If you want accurate news, deliver accurate news and do not create news out of context designed to proof over and over again the insane tunnel vision with zero tolerance as it comes to raw milk.

      Thanks for once again proving your point of a simple mind.

      • John

        I agree (v/v being accurate). As far as I can tell, there is only evidence for gastro-intestinal illness in this case. I think everyone should be impressed by the Shank family response (although their lawyer might disagree).
        For me, this incident highlights how difficult it must be to sustain the hygiene necessary to avoid pathogen contamination (every milking, every day; when you have the variables of people, animals, weather etc). I’m not saying it is impossible, because many of these dairies operate for long periods without problems. From all accounts they produce high fat, premium quality milk. But, I’ll still take mine pasteurized (just in case). Thanks.

    • 3 years ago this month, my friend’s father was a 80 years old, in good health in all respects, after living a normal middle-class life in suburbia. The place he was living duped him into accepting a flu shot. 3 days later, he was paralyzed, in hospital with his son feeding him. Within a week of the flu shot, he was dead. The hospital refused my friend’s request to test for Guillain-Barre syndrome. There are thousands of such “anecdotes”, but the merchandisers of vaccinations managed to get a law passed to prevent them being responsible for the un-deniable harms caused by their products

      After the fact, that particular round of flu shots, was demonstrated to have utterly no difference on the incidence of those getting the flu, versus the general population

      Simply saying “no” to injection of monkey-pus/ viruses cultured from aborted fetal tissue and God-knows-what-else, would have prevented this particular tragedy

      campylobacter is not uncommon, generally passes within days as diarrhea. Thousands of people are affected every year in BC., contracting it from local water supply systems. When discovered, the response of the health authorities to “beaver fever”, is a “boil water alert”. There are a dozen such “boil water alerts” current today … some of them having lasted for years

      With very rare exception, Guillian-Barre sydrome is a consequence of injection of foreign material in to the body, rather than campylobacter jejeuni

      just a mere co-incidence that the Report entitled “Global 2000” authored by Henry Kissinger, delivered to Cyrus Vance in 1978, set out that the policy of the United States would be to tie foreign aid to the acceptance of euthanasia / abortion-on-demand in recipients? I think not

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