Monsanto calls it quits in Britain

Monsanto has failed to establish a beachhead in Britain, according to this story from British newspaper The Mail Online:

“The giant bio-tech firm Monsanto yesterday announced a major withdrawal from the UK amid intense opposition to genetically modified foods.

The company, the leading multinational behind the production of GM crops, is closing its wheat growing operation, based in Cambridge.

Officials said the move was partly due to the opposition to GM crops which has inspired the Daily Mail’s campaign against so-called “Frankenstein Foods”.

Monsanto is also seeking to sell off crop-breeding centres in France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The move was widely seen as an indication that the company has given up hopes of introducing GM crops to Europe.

Pete Riley, of Friends of the Earth, said last night: “If they are pulling out, we should rejoice.”

Monsanto’s decision was made public on the eve of the Government’s final announcement on the prospects for GM crop cultivation here.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the Government’s own research had found that GM farming would pollute the countryside for generations.

Monsanto’s Cambridge unit employed 125 people developing hybrid wheat varieties for the European market.

The company bought the former Government Plant Breeding Institute from Unilever in 1998, declaring that GM crops would be established within five years.

But a Monsanto spokesman said last night the expected business had “never materialised”. Last month, Bayer CropScience pulled the plug on UK field trials, leaving just one company, Syngenta, actively pursuing GM here.

The results of the Government research had been wdely seen as dealing a bodyblow to supporters of GM crops.

Disturbing figures came from three separate studies conducted on behalf of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs….”

Read it all in The Mail Online.

In this Natural News story, Mike Adams looks at the implications for the rest of Europe. He writes: 

“The paper is now reporting that Monsanto plans to sell off GMO crop-breeding centers in France, Germany and the Czech Republic. Daily Mail reported, “…the company has given up hopes of introducing GM crops to Europe.”

Mike then goes on to talk about the growing backlash against GMO foods even here in Monsanto’s backyard.

And wonder of wonders, they don’t even serve GMO food in Monsanto’s cafeteria’s, CBC news reports:

The Independent newspaper reports that there is a notice in the cafeteria of the Monsanto pharmaceutical factory is High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, advising customers “as far as practicable, GM soya and maize (has been removed) from all food products served in our restaurant. We have taken the steps to ensure that you, the customer, can feel confident in the food we serve.”



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3 responses to “Monsanto calls it quits in Britain

  1. This is a false report according to Mike Adams at natural news. He has retracted the story. Please check your sources.

  2. BC Food Security

    Something to celebrate ! The good guys are winning. I predict that Monsanto will sell of it’s assets or simply change it’s name to something more palatable (no pun intended) or misleading to the public and try to continue the dirty business at all costs.

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