The Monsanto leaving Britain story was apparently from 2003, details below:

From Mike Adams at Natural

“(NaturalNews) Editor’s note: We regret to inform our readers that this story is based on a Daily Mail article that we have now been informed is from 2003, not 2012. In their own search engine, Daily Mail mistakenly listed their own story as being published on February 3, 2012. We have a screen capture of this search to prove this, taken from the Daily Mail’s website search engine:

A second source,, had also reported Monsanto’s withdrawal from the UK. In a story dated February 3, 2012 that was sourced from UPI (United Press International), reported: (…)

Monsanto Co. said it’s leaving Britain due to opposition to genetically modified foods. Officials at Monsanto — a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation and leading producer of genetically engineered seed — said the company is closing its wheat growing operation, based in Cambridge, which employed 125 people, and selling off crop-breeding centers in France, Germany and the Czech Republic, the Daily Mail reported. may have updated their story, so here’s a screen capture of their original report, as proof that this was there:…

For our own story, we had relied on the Daily Mail’s posted date on the story, which turns out to be incorrect. Daily Mail has since corrected this publish date, so it now shows the year 2003. This, in turn, has caused us to publish this correction. We regret the confusion. Even more, we regret that the good news we originally reported turns out to beold newsrather than today’s good news. At times like this, we all need some good news, but it seems our optimism in this case was misplaced…

Monsanto even went to the trouble to contact us and inform us that they have not retreated from the UK at all, and in fact, their business across Europe is surging. Sadly, Monsanto hasnotbeen defeated in the UK as we had hoped, and the threat of Monsanto’s presence in Europe remains ever present. They are quite proud of it, in fact. In a phone call with NaturalNews, they went into great detail about all their “success” across Europe, describing all the GMO fields they have planted in numerous countries there….”

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