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Raw milk is bigger than you’d think — $1,000,000 gross in Vermont in 2011

From VTdigger.org:

“Montpelier – Rural Vermont has released its 2012 Report on raw milk production and sales. For the third year since the passage of Act 62, which enabled the direct sale of raw milk by farmers to consumers, Rural Vermont has presented an overview of how the law is working for farmers and the economic impact of raw milk sales.

The report was presented to the House Committee on Agriculture on January 24, 2012 and will be presented to the Senate Committee on Agriculture on Friday February 3, 2012. The report is available on the Rural Vermont website http://www.ruralvermont.org or by calling 802-223-7222.

The report is based on the results of surveys conducted by Rural Vermont, which reached 95 of the estimated 150 farms that are producing raw milk and selling it to consumers under the requirements of Act 62. The report provides an overview of how the law has been functioning, summarizes the data collected in the surveys and presents some recommendations for further adjustments to the law and the regulations. Continue reading


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Raw milk cow sharing in Kentucky

From Kentucky.com:

FRANKFORT — Families who want to drink fresh raw milk without buying their own dairy herds are backing a bill to sanction “cow sharing.”

The practice lets people buy into a herd and share the resulting milk, cheese and other dairy products. Proponents say raw milk is more nutritious and delicious.

“Right now, shared ownership isn’t illegal, but it is not recognized,” said John-Mark Hack of Marskbury Farm Market in Lancaster, who testified in favor of the bill before the Senate Agriculture Committee last month. Continue reading


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