Raw milk cow sharing in Kentucky

From Kentucky.com:

FRANKFORT — Families who want to drink fresh raw milk without buying their own dairy herds are backing a bill to sanction “cow sharing.”

The practice lets people buy into a herd and share the resulting milk, cheese and other dairy products. Proponents say raw milk is more nutritious and delicious.

“Right now, shared ownership isn’t illegal, but it is not recognized,” said John-Mark Hack of Marskbury Farm Market in Lancaster, who testified in favor of the bill before the Senate Agriculture Committee last month.

Hack said 80 or 90 Lexington families might share ownership in a herd to get access to fresh dairy products. “This would legitimize those arrangements,” he said.

Sponsored by Sen. John Schickel, R-Union, the legislation was sent to the Senate floor, but a vote was delayed. Schickel said last week that he wanted to give more farm groups a chance to air concerns but said he’s hopeful that a comfort level can be reached that will allow a vote this week.

“These are food-liberty issues,” Schickel said. “There’s a whole movement in Kentucky and around the country for people to eat healthy and get closer to the source of their food.”

Opponents say the bill could be dangerous.

“This is a step closer to the legitimizing the sale of raw milk to consumers, which we’re against,” said Maury Cox, executive director of the Kentucky Dairy Development Council…”

Read the whole thing on Kentucky.com


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2 responses to “Raw milk cow sharing in Kentucky

  1. Why in god’s name would a free people back such an assine law? I suppose they are next going to support broccoli sharing or perhaps toilet paper sharing in order to legally wipe their posteriors?

    We need to cut to the root as Thoreau put it – we need to never lose track that we are talking about God given rights and not permissions handed to us by our owners. If you fall for this cow share BS – you are just accepting another permission from your owners that can be revoked or changed at any time at their discretion. Change the paradigm — these are not your owners they are your servants!

  2. Hack said: “This would legitimize those arrangements,”

    No this would legitimize that everything you do that is legal still needs the permission of the state and that you have absolutely NO RIGHTS.

    This turns our legal system on it’s head where we incorporate Napoleonic Law and everything becomes illegal unless we are granted permission to do it and we thus become a nation of slaves!

    If you accept this bill you are out of your minds. If I wanted to live in 16th Century France I would go there…..

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