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Michael Schmidt’s “leave to appeal” court hearing April 25, not April 24

This just in from Karen Selick, Michael’s lawyer:

I have been getting Google Alerts today saying that Bayshore Broadcasting and the Winnipeg Free Press have published info saying that Michael’s date for leave to appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal is April 24.  It’s actually April 25.  I don’t know where people got that erroneous date from.  Would you please publish a brief note giving the accurate date on The Bovine?

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New Hampshire may drop licensing requirements to favor food freedom

From Dan Flynn, on Food Safety News:

As early as next week, the New Hampshire House of Representatives will likely be deciding whether the “Live Free or Die” state should allow unlicensed “homestead” food and on-farm sales of raw milk.

The quick action has left state regulators scrambling to get ahead of lawmakers who seem bent on removing government oversight of the sale of homemade food.
The proposals are the latest tracks added to New Hampshire’s burgeoning “food freedom” philosophy, which is encapsulated in Bill (HB) 1650. One tenet of the food freedom movement is that food produced in New Hampshire for in-state consumption should be free of federal regulation. Continue reading


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Government misleads citizens about the law — a case of regulation proliferation?

From the Canadian Constitution Foundation, a story titled “Trent Hills v. Bacher — Government misleads citizens about the law”:

Photo via Canadian Constitution Foundation.

Kelly and Shawn Bacher reside in the small Ontario town of Campbellford (population about 3,000), part of the municipality of Trent Hills. Shawn works in a salvaging business, tearing down old buildings. Kelly helps bring income into the household by providing housekeeping services to elderly neighbours.

Their daughter Kayla is 12 years old and has been homeschooled since 2008.

In 2009, Kelly decided that it would make a good educational project for Kayla to raise some chickens in their backyard. Both Kelly and Shawn were raised on farms and know how to look after chickens. Continue reading

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