Raw milk: Wisconsin v. Herschberger

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“The video below seems almost mundane in its discussion about dairy rules and regulations. But it’s what is not said that is most important here.

Ostensibly, Jackie Owens was at the farm last Thursday to carry out an inspection. Part of her regulatory duty, since her Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is responsible for overseeing farms of all sorts, as she politely explained. And just as politely, the farm’s owner, Verson Hershberger, declined her request for the inspection.

But Vernon Hershberger’s farm not just any ordinary farm. His farm’s milk and other produce are available only to the 100-plus members of his food club. 

In addition, Hershberger is facing three misdemeanor charges that accuse him of operating his farm without a dairy permit and of operating a retail store without a retailer permit. He is free on bail, and the terms of his bail prohibit “manufacturing or processing of dairy products for distribution without a valid dairy plant license” and “sale or distribution of milk produced on his dairy farm without a valid milk producer license.”

Just to try to ensure there is no escape,and that the farm can’t truly operate as a farm, the bail terms mandate, “The defendant may not allow anyone else to operate his farm, or any room or building on his property in violation of any of these conditions.”

Hershberger in an emotional courtroom statement two weeks ago renounced the bail agreement. “Your honor, I have spent many sleepless hours since signing the bond due to my conscience being plagued by the thought of shutting up my bowels of compassion to my Brethren who are dependent on the food that is provided by and for them on our farm. To most of them it is not merely a matter of preference but much more a matter of life or death! If the owners of the food cannot eat their own food, aren’t we living in a communist state? If our farm stopped feeding is owners families, there will be literally hundreds of children who will suffer malnutrition and even starvation. Your honor, I would much rather spend the rest of my life behind bars or even die than to be found guilty of such a gross sin before the Almighty God.”…

Get the whole story on the Complete Patient blog. 


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11 responses to “Raw milk: Wisconsin v. Herschberger

  1. aed939

    Public health authorities’ jurusdiction hinges on commerce. No sale, no jurisdiction. Also the use of the word “distribute” is important. As it relates to commerce, there has to be sale subsequent to the distribution. Otherwise, it is not distribution within a supply chain–it is merely transportation of private property.

  2. that distinction is precisely what we’re debating in British Columbia. The Milk Industry Act includes “supplying” in its definition of ‘sale’. The Commissioner who held a Royal Commission in 1955, upon which that Act is predicated, didn’t bother to differentiate private use from commerce, because that much was just common sense to a racially-homogenous population, White Christians for whom it didn’t have to be spelled-out. Only since the anti-christs have ensconced themselves in the high places, have things gotten so bad : I’m on trial for “condoning and encouraging people” to feed themselves, via cowsharing! Direct quote from the message from the Prosecutrix to me.

    aed939 |||||| vouz – and people locked-in to your antique mindset – are going to have to get up to speed. In the year of our Lord 2012, the communists are not one whit committed to “playing by the Rules”. In their schools, they’re taught to go out and break the rules, exploiting the White Man’s innate expectation and committment to ‘fairness’. Until and unless you fully grasp that much, you’re going to flounder-around in the thickets of the utterly perverted “justice system”

    do something REALL radical … get out there and get some REAL MILK flowing in your neighbourhood … into the hands of someone who appreciates it.

    • thebovine

      Well Gordon, I can completely agree with your last sentence.

      But this distinction you make between communists and White people leaves me blank. Marx and Engels may have been the gravediggers of civilization, but they were as white as you and I.

      And as for the communist underground currently at work in North America, Dr Peter Beter (see link in blogroll under Parapolitics) seems to think the wave of communists who were infiltrated into American bureaucratic life in the latter decades of the 20th century were coming from post Glasnost Soviet origins. Again, those are white people, and not from some other race.

      Other peoples may not have grown up in the long tradition of “democracy” that the west has pioneered, but is that any reason why we should turn back the clock to a racially segregated world? Surely all peoples have valuable cultural learnings to share.

      The best sense I’ve yet been able to make out of your talk about “race traitors” (from an earlier comment) is that the folks in question may well be traitors… but to the human race as a whole.

      But as to what other “races” might be part of the game here, well that would lead us farther afield, into the work of David Icke and others of his ilk.

  3. moderator, you’ve been sucked-in to the big lie that ‘there’s only one human race’. There is one species of homo sapiens, in which there are several races. Race is known to us by revelation from the Bible, also as a fact of objective evidence and science, as well as personal observation. Every bit of research into the human genome proves racial differences are programmed in to the DNA software
    with the REAL MILK, the ability of Caucasians to produce the enzymes enabling us to continue digesting milk into adulthood, is one of the differences in basic makeup which translates into wealth, which then results in the way our societies organize themselves.

    find out their actual ancestry, and your eyes will be opened as to your claim that “Marx and Engels were ‘as white as you and I”. The God of the Caucasians, namely Jesus Christ, said that His law is written on our hearts and minds, ie, in our genes. That cannot be said about anti-christs Marx and Engel.

  4. thebovine

    Hmmm… what can I say?

    I’m reminded of a quote from a story titled “Midnight Radio” in the late lamented Mondo 2000:

    “There’s a race of men who live in the trees…”

    Gordon, where would you suggest I go to learn the truth about Marx and Engels’ ancestry?

  5. Bill Anderson

    Gordon, once again, your ignorant racist theories are a huge setback to the cause of raw milk Why do you continue to peddle this self-destructive nonsense?

    While you continue on these racist rants, the big $$$ from corporate agri-business continues to flow into the pockets of lobbyists and legislators who work against the legalization of raw milk, here in Madison, WI — in the state capital of AMERICA’S DAIRYLAND. Among the corporate agri-business lobbying groups which oppose raw milk legalization in Wisconsin: Wisconsin Manufacture and Commerce, the Dairy Business Association, The Wisconsin Cheesemaker’s Association, to name a few. These are not “communists”, but quite the opposite — corporate capitalists who want a government-enforced monopoly on the dairy markets.

    Regarding communism, I agree with Michael that communism and socialism are completely of European origins. But socialism is not a homogeneous political movement. The authoritarian communism of Marx, Engels, and Lenin can be contrasted with the more libertarian work of anarcho-communists/anarcho-socialists such as Peter Kropotkin, Noam Chomsky, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Mikhail Bakunin, or with more mainstream American democratic socialist traditions like Eugene Debs and Howard Zinn. All of these individuals are of white European ancestry. (And, I should add, they were all outsiders and major critics of the government)

    On the other hand, Jesus Christ, in all likelihood, was not of white skin. Christ was born in the Middle East to Jewish (Semitic) parents, so it is fair to assume that Christ had brown skin.

    You make me very sad, Gordon. The more you spew your racism, the more you set back the cause of raw milk.

    • jenny

      Agree with you 100% Bill.
      And I’d add that the moderator was very gracious by letting Gordon post here again. But unfortunately Gordon doesn’t seem capable of ‘not going there’.

    • in reply to the query : “Gordon, where would you suggest I go to learn the truth about Marx and Engels’ ancestry?
      I say : try the Bible … the foundation of Western thought. Until you‘ve read it – and ALL of it – you‘re not an educated man Start with the story of when Rebecca was pregnant, and she enquired of the Lord why she was in so much distress. God told her that “two nations are in thy womb”. The God of Israel said “Jacob have I loved Esau have I hated”. That contest for their father’s inheritance is one of the main themes of history … it continues to this day. Arthur Koestler’s book, The Thirteenth Tribe will tell you what you need to know about the geneology of anti-christ Edomites Marx and Engels. It’s only a small treatise, but doubt you’ll finish it. Most people cannot handle the Truth.
      Every time Mister Andersen posts, he reveals what an ignoramus he is, about communism ; an adolescent floundering-around spouting junior college drivel. One of my high school friends used to say that stuff sincerely. Then he went and taught at a university in China. He had the courage to admit how wrong he‘d been. Spare us the crap-excuse = “it’s never been tried”. The CIA gate theory put the boots to that! = open the gate and see which way people go. I’ve met people who risked their lives to get away from it.

      I had the privilege of sitting at the feet of Buckminster Fuller. Fuller was born in to, then lived in, the top echelon of US government, financial, technological and war-faring. He taught me the difference between what real capital is, versus the imaginary “money” uttered by the Federal Reserve System. Until you grasp his use of the term “Fincap’, you don’t have 2 clues to rub together about geo-politics. Until you take the introductory seminar given by Freemasonry as to what “the wedge of Ophir” is, you know nothing about the role of religion. And no, I’m not a mason.

      Amusingly, Mister Anderson’s recently posted on the Complete Patient website acknowledging = ‘gee, maybe there is something to this Jubilee year’ When you’ve read the Bible then you’ll have the answer to – “Why do you continue to peddle this self-destructive nonsense?” – because it’s my calling to preach the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on this planet. Dealing with static from fools is ‘just-another-day-at-the-office for guys like me

      An example of how little you know about finance, is your notion that the Wisconsin cheese makers are “capital-ists” : in fact, its human directors are simpletons, who don’t realize they’re captives of the usury debt system … such corporations are creatures of the govt., control of which is vested in the banks by proxy votes. And has been since the days when Thorstein Veblen spelled-out how it’s done

      I get irritated when I put in precious time and effort, drawing on about half a century of experience, composing an intelligent response to someone slagging me personally rather than addressing the issue. I posit that the Campaign for REAL MILK is predicated in race, because that’s my considered opinion after 10 years at it, from ground level, up. My detractors are blinded by the ridiculous notion that ‘race is a social construct’. Revelation knowledge, and real science and our own experience tells us that’s nonsense.

      The current return of white people to our historical food – raw milk – is part of us repudiating the ways of the world. Lately = the industrialization of agriculture as called-for in the Communist Manifesto. What’s going on now is : as the enemy turns the screws of tyranny, the Law of our God reverberates our very DNA to move us to separate ourselves from the world. .. Same as our ancestors, when they started making noises about leaving Egypt to worship Him. You think it’s bad now? Ha !… Now comes strife which will cause men’s hearts to fail for fear!!

      The cause of raw milk is “like the sound of distant armies on the march … an idea which cannot be stopped”. Michael Schmidt and a few others have called this “war”. I was privileged to have parents who were right there = in the mud and the blood and the tears of the real thing. Thus, I know it takes guys like moi – the sharp end of the stick – to say and do things that children like you=all only figure out, a generation later.

      Turn off the taps ….save the alligator tears, Bill Anderson … makes you look like a girl.

  6. thebovine

    So Gordon, are you equating those “two nations” to two “races”? Two races from the same mother? Which makes me wonder if you’re using a special definition of the word “race”.

    Isn’t “The Thirteenth Tribe” about the Khazars, aka the Ashkenazi jews, “Jewish” people from a Soviet bloc country whose rulers decided back in hoary antiquity to convert the country to Judaism?

    As I understand it, many of their descendants have now moved to Israel, “the little country that could” (wag the dog of American foreign policy, for instance).

    But surely that God of Israel is not also the God of the new testament. That old testament God seems more like the gods in Zecharia Stichin’s book “Wars of Gods and Men”, i.e. a “god” who uses his human followers as pawns to fight proxy wars against the human followers of other “gods”.

    Jesus surely didn’t advocate the use of military force in such ways, but rather to “love your enemies”.

  7. Bill Anderson

    While Christ was certainly against military force, he did use violence on one occasion — to throw the money-changers out of the temple — a decidedly anti-capitalist direct action much like our modern “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Christ also spent his time with prostitutes and tax collectors — the type of people Mr. Watson might brand as “communist.”

    Christ’s advice on taxes, Mr. Watson, you’d be wise to observe. “Render unto Caesar what is Caeser’s…”

    The Industrialization of Agriculture (which is but one aspect of the industrial revolution) is not communist in the least — rather, it is a product of bourgeois society, and the desire of the capitalist class to extract more and more profit from people and natural resources. It was not communists who developed the weapons of chemical agriculture, but imperialist capitalist powers seeking to find a peacetime application for the technology they had developed for warfare.

    Regarding the Biblical “Jubilee Year”, this is thoroughly socialistic in intent — forgive all debts, and redistribute the land. It was David Graeber, the anarcho-syndicalist anthropologist (and an architect of the “occupy wall street” movement) who points out this fact in his recent book “Debt: The First 5,000 Years”


  8. having spent about 10 years in the so-called “Tax Honesty Movement” in Canada, wending my way up to the Supreme Court of BC, where I made the judge acknowledge my position in law was correct, I do know a couple of things about the iniquitous income tax. First and last ; it’s a manifestation of the Yoke of Edom

    that’s right = Jesus Christ paid the Roman head tax. But like all the others who parrot that line, Mister Andersen leaves out the REST of the STORY. If there’s one thing the commies – OK, “progressives” in their disguise today – hate, it’s constitutional money. Let’s go down to the seashore and you can show us all how to pull a $50 gold Buffalo out of the mouth of a fish. Oh, now you want that one to be just allegorical? Or is it the reporting of an incident which actually occured?

    I can hardly believe that Mister Andersen is so stupid as to not know that the call for the industrialization of agriculture is one of the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto. Either he is that ignorant of his own religion, or else he’s lying through his teeth. Which, of course, is a technique the commies teach in their schools.

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