Former B.C. attorneys general join call to legalize and tax marijuana in Canada

From CBC news, B.C.:

Watch the video at CBC news B.C.. Click image above to go there.

“Four former B.C. attorneys general are joining a coalition of health and justice experts calling for the legalization of marijuana.

Colin Gabelmann, Ujjal Dosanjh, Graeme Bowbrick and Geoff Plant have all signed a letter to B.C. Premier Christy Clark and B.C. NDP Leader Adrian Dix, calling on the politicians to endorse legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana.

The former attorneys general say the move would help reduce gang violence associated with the illegal marijuana trade, raise tax revenues and ease the burden on the province’s court system.

“As former B.C. attorneys general, we are fully aware that British Columbia lost its war against the marijuana industry many years ago,” the letter reads.

“The case demonstrating the failure and harms of marijuana prohibition is airtight. The evidence? Massive profits for organized crime, widespread gang violence, easy access to illegal cannabis for our youth, reduced community safety, and significant — and escalating — costs to taxpayers.”

‘Dismayed’ by mandatory minimum sentencing

The letter goes on to say that as attorneys general, the four men were responsible for overseeing the province’s justice system and are well aware of the “burden” imposed on the court system by the enforcement of marijuana prohibition….”

Read it all on CBC news.


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2 responses to “Former B.C. attorneys general join call to legalize and tax marijuana in Canada

  1. thebovine

    Of course many of the same arguments apply to raw milk legalization. Consider what it must be costing to prosecute public benefactors such as Alice Jongerden, Gordon Watson and Michael Schmidt. Not to mention the damage being done to people’s respect for the government.

  2. BC Food Security

    The rule of thumb it that it takes bureaucrats at least 30 years to “discover ” common sense . Seriously , the Canadian governement has made noises for years about decriminalizing marijuana possession. One problem is that the US government can strong arm Canada simply by closing the border crossing for 12 hours. So if the US is not ready to decriminalize marijuana possession right now Canada can plan as much as they want without much luck.

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