Raw milk freedom riders plan a 2-day event March 1st, 2nd, in Wisconsin, in support of farmer Vernon Herschberger

From the Raw Milk Freedom Riders website:

Statue, Liberty?

“Join the RAW MILK FREEDOM RIDERS and Farm Food Freedom Coalition for an incredible two-day event Thursday, MARCH 1 and Friday, MARCH 2, 2012 in Sauk County, Wisconsin.

DAY ONE: Rights Workshop

Thursday, March 1, 2012 2:00 PM-5:30 PM followed by a Farm Food Dinner

(Space is limited.  Reserve your seat today.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to exercise your right to the foods of your choice!)
RSVP: RawMilkFreedomRiders@gmail.com

SPEAKERS and RIGHTS TRAINERS INCLUDERaw milk activist, Max Kane.  Canadian farmer and raw milk speaker, Michael Schmidt, Food Freedom Activist, John Moody, Author and blogger, David Gumpert, Dairy farmer and speaker, Mel Olsen and Raw Milk Freedom Riders/Farm Food Freedom Coalition Co-founder, Liz Reitzig.

Learn about a history of peaceful non-compliance, how to peacefully stand up for your rights in confrontational situations, how to take responsibility for your freedom.  Farm-fresh dinner to follow.

DAY TWO: Food Freedom Rally in Support of Vernon

Please also join us the following day, Friday, March 2nd, (11:00-1:00) for a FOOD FREEDOM RALLY in support of Wisconsin dairy farmer, Vernon Hershberger who faces criminal charges, and possible imprisonment, for providing raw dairy to his community via a private herd-share agreement.  Vernon courageously stands for food freedom and sets a new standard for farmer’s response to these egregious government violations.

Put into action your right to demonstrate as instructed in the workshop and show solidarity with all independent farmers everywhere prior to Vernon Hershberger’s 1:00 PM hearing.

Food Freedom Rally: Friday, March 2nd, 2012 11:00 AM-1:00 PM at Sauk County Circuit Court  515 Oak Street, Baraboo, WI 53913-2416

More on the Raw Milk Freedom Riders website.

Background on the Herschberger case.


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7 responses to “Raw milk freedom riders plan a 2-day event March 1st, 2nd, in Wisconsin, in support of farmer Vernon Herschberger

  1. wonderful bit of irony : the icon for the Wisconsin Raw Milk freedom riders – the Statue of Liberty holding up a bottle of raw milk. In his book Rulers of Evil, Tupper Saussy has a photo of ths same spirit in the form of a statue of Persephone, daughter of Jupiter and goddess of the dead, reigning over the united states from atop the Capitol at Washington DC.

    on Feb 22 the Raw milk freedom riders will be forming-up in front of the Capitolium … shrine to Jupiter in Wisconsin … on the steps of which, as his moral authority for defying the state, Vernon Hershberger will be using the writings of ‘a bunch of misogynistic bronze-age sheepherders’ – I am so looking forward to how this Smack-Down of the gods plays on natioal tv!

    in the Book which the Amish pretend is the ultimate reference for their theology, the script calls for an innocent lamb to be sacrificed ; guess what, Vern? In this little made-for-media psychodrama … you’re it

  2. thebovine

    As you well know, Gordon, things don’t always play out according to the script. What is this book that the Amish base their worship on? Aren’t they Christians, and don’t they read the bible like other Christians do?

    Your interpretation here is all very James Shelby Downard, but I’m not convinced it’s the most real dimension of this “psychodrama”, as you call it.

    • jenny

      I actually like your new approach Mr. Bovine – letting him post so he can’t claim he’s being unfairly excluded, but at the same time keeping a close eye on his comments and drawing attention to any of his BS.
      He’ll definitely keep you busy! 😉
      I enjoy all your rebuttals. Thanks for taking the time to write them.

      • what you wouldn’t know = you poor little adolescent mentality, is that the Moderator is hiding half of what I say – exemplifying perfectly the red fascist approach = put up part of the case / censor what doesn’t fit the dogma, thus presenting the appearance of freedom of expression hiding the concepts which would make you actually think

        Josep Stalin said “ideas are weapons. Why would we let our enemies have them?”

      • thebovine

        Thank you Jenny. I’m glad to know that you appreciate the effort to be more “inclusive” of fringe viewpoints.


    Mr. Bovine deserves the “Order of Raw Milk “(if not Canada) many times over !

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