Raw milk survey now open for input — here’s a chance for raw milk fans to share their wisdom and experience

Article by Raoul Bedi of the Vedic Harmony Centre (www.biofield.ca )

Some of the questions asked on the raw milk survey.

Rob Bright has graciously offered to donate time and expertise to develop the first of a number of Raw Milk Surveys using SurveyMonkey .

Raoul Bedi , Margo McIntosh, Mirko Malish , Cedar Bradley , Nadine Ijaz and others, have also contributed to the Survey development and Question formulation . . Here is some background information about the Origin of the Idea, Purpose and also the survey link. It is a great honour to have the BOVINE publish the first “Made in Canada” raw milk survey as well . All of the donated work has been achieved by networking over the internet . Most of us have never even spoken to each other by phone or in person !!!

Here is the survey link. It has only 10 questions to start with :


Expiry Date : March 3, 2012

Background Information

I interviewed Rob Bright and this is a synopsis of what he said is some of the purposes of the survey .

I Origin Of Idea: 

1) Ongoing discussions with the Canadian Raw Dairy Consumer Advocacy WorkGroup (founded by Margo McIntosh http://balanceyourapple.com/ ) and the CSC (founded by Michael Schmidt ) point to the need to collect data around issues of raw milk knowledge/ need for education, issues of availability, safety/health and others relating to the raw milk debate finally in a more systematic and grassroots manner .

2)The CSC has a desire to better understand the experiences and knowledge of members on the subject of raw milk so as to help with current and ongoing public/member education on raw milk and also to collect information on raw milk consumption and the demand for raw milk to inform government and government policy on raw milk.

II Purpose of Survey: See above (origin of idea) To try to better understand issues surrounding the production, delivery and consumption of raw milk in terms of safety, availability, consumer demand and consumer knowledge/education about raw milk.

III Areas of Feedback: As this is the first of a series of many more surveys, virtually any and all feedback would be appreciated (appropriateness of questions, alternative questions, questions that should be asked but are not yet included in the survey, questions that have been included but perhaps should not be included.) You may post the feedback in the comments column of THE BOVINE . We are also working on a new facebook page for Canadian Raw Dairy Consumers. Stay tuned .

Note: This survey is in its preliminary stage . It is short/concise enough that readers will not feel discouraged or disinclined to participate, yet needs to collect enough information to be useful to the CSC and “The Canadian Raw Dairy Consumer Advocacy ” WorkGroup for the purposes of better understanding its members’ needs and desires regarding access to raw milk, consumer education , and consumer knowledge about raw milk. To that end it should take about 5 minutes to fill out and send .

More questions from the survey.

Photos by Raoul Bedi www.biofield.ca



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6 responses to “Raw milk survey now open for input — here’s a chance for raw milk fans to share their wisdom and experience

  1. It might be good to have some explanatory info with each question, or clearer titles. “Which applies to you?” could be “How often do you consume the following dairy or dairy substitute products?”

    It’s always good to have an “other” field. Someone who only drank organic, grass-fed, raw yak milk would not be represented in this survey.

    “I do not drink any type of milk” is ambiguous or irrelevant in context: “more than once a day?” “less than 6 times per year?” Perhaps this should be at the top, with a “skip next question” instruction.

    The “yes/no” questions need a third entry like “unsure” or “it depends” or “maybe” so you can assess the “firmness” of any statistical preference.

    After #2, it might be useful to have a question like #7: “Where do you get your raw milk?”

    It might be good to try to capture some production info as part of the section with #2: “Do you own a dairy animal or a share of a dairy animal?” “Do you personally milk a dairy animal?” “If you own a dairy animal outright (not shared ownership), do you sell or share its milk with non-family members?” I think there are quite a few people with a cow or goat on the side, taking in a bit of pin money.

    Generalize #9 by removing the word “health.” I know of no health risks, but my income, personal liberty, and mental health are certainly at risk!

    Just my $0.02 worth — great work!

    • Robert Bright

      Thank you, Jan Steinman for your thoughtful (and valuable) feedback. I have tried to incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible (as well as fix any of the glaringly obvious mistakes — for example, the option, “I do not drink any type of milk.”) Unfortunately, this test or pilot survey was put up before I could make any changes to it, and once people began participating there was no way to edit the survey without deleting the data people had already provided. It is also unfortunate that the survey platform I used (Basic Survey Monkey) is severely limited — for example, I can only ask 10 questions per survey, and am allowed only 100 questionnaires to be filled out before the survey is closed. I hope to address these limitations down the road with some possible leads on funding which will allow me to purchase a more sophisticated survey platform.
      Thanks again for your valuable input.

      Robert Bright

  2. Richard Barrett

    Add a question in regards to Crohn’s.
    Have you seen any research that links Crohn’s Disease to cattle that have
    Johne’s Disease? Cows with MAP (Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis) in their manure are diagnosed with having Johne’s Disease.

    • Robert Bright

      Thank you for your feedback. As I mentioned in my reply to Jan, I hope to address some of the limitations this survey platform presented. I would love to attempt a more sophisticated survey dealing with health and safety issues such as Crohn’s and the various microbial outbreaks that are often attributed to raw milk consumption. (It would be ideal to really get a handle on comparing the severity of the risks associated with healthy dairy cows compared to industrial-dairy cows, or with meat-packing plants, etc. Hopefully such a study will be possible in the not-to-distant future.
      Thanks again for your response,
      Robert Bright

  3. Dear Friends: We have decided to close this first survey at 100 people as the survey needed an overall upgrade. We reached 100 people some time on Sunday February 19 probably as a result of publishing on THE BOVINE . THANK YOU to the Bovine editor for the publicity boost ! Much appreciated ! Rob Bright is doing the data compilation and analysis now and I will be co-authoring and editing the report ( another 30 to 40 hours of work ). We hope to publish it by March 31, 2012 or earlier on THE BOVINE. Rob Bright has already graciously donated 40 or 50 hours of his time first to create a private paper survey for Cow Share Canada and then the public survey that was published here on Survey Monkey . We are also discussing the possibility of allowing a few people to make voluntary donations for the work that has been done and/or is still to be done. If anybody has some ideas and suggestions about funding this current work (or would like to make a donation ) please send me a private message (Facebook Page : ” Canadian Raw Dairy Consumer Advocacy ” or the link is http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Canadian-Raw-Dairy-Consumer-Advocacy/247020482049699 . Thank you again for your support and time in filling out the survey . We hope it will further the work of jointly communicating our common cause to the public, the media, industry and government . Sincerely, Raoul Bedi

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