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Heroism, a uniquely human trait — the Vernon Herschberger raw milk story

From the “Free the Animal” blog:

Raw milk farmers Michael Schmidt and Vernon Herschberger, in January 2011

“….Here’s a few select quotes from the previously linked post at Natural Food.

The DATCP brought in the armed deputies for 6 hours to lock it up and take evidence. That does not stop Vernon.

“This is how I make a living,” Vernon Hershberger, a Loganville dairy farmer, said Thursday morning. “We are going to go right ahead and do business.”

Hershberger said roughly 100 families, including some Madison customers, purchase raw milk, yogurt, cheese, butter and ice cream from a store on his farm that is open for business Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Now pay attention here. He’s not just going to continue on in defiance. There’s more, but first: Continue reading


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“LIKE” the new “Support Verner Herschberger” page on Facebook

LIKE the new Support Vernon Herschberger Facebook page. Click image to go there.

Verner Herschberger seems to be the man of the hour these days on the North American raw milk scene. Now that Amish dairyman Dan Allgyer has (quite understandably) thrown in the towel after years of harassment over supplying raw milk to a private buying club in another state, lots of people are wondering how Vernon Herschberger is going to fare in his ongoing struggle to follow his conscience and continue supplying people with whom he has privately contracted. Continue reading


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