Cellphone dangers, anecdotal evidence

Timely health intel from the Hella Delicious blog:

“Your bra is not the place to keep your cellphone. Dr John West MD Founding director of Breast Care and Imaging Centre of Orange County tells us why:

I had an interesting experience recently when giving a craniosacral therapy session to a woman who had just come back from a doctor’s appointment. In passing she mentioned it was a mammogram. It didn’t register with me until later when I was completely wiped out and developed an unusual rash on my chest that I put the two together. [When doing a deeply resonant therapy it is best not to work on someone who has just been radiated–note to self!] I have been uncovering more and more information lately demonstrating that low frequency EMFs are especially damaging to breasts and gonads. No wonder we have an epidemic of both breast and prostate cancer!

Not only that but as the paper below points out, the ‘standards’ for the levels of permissible radiation levels are based on adult males, not taking into consideration the difference in thickness of skulls in kids and adults. I had another experience recently talking to a lady on the bus who was bragging to me about her new company sponsored smartphone. When I asked her if she had heard about the studies clearly showing a 40% increase in brain tumors after just using the phone for 30 minutes a day, she immediately dismissed it all as poppycock and nonsense, “just like all those other tales about how microwave ovens were bad for you.”

The world is still clearly mainly insane. We have to change our habits, cellphones are actually more dangerous than cigarettes, their ‘second hand radiation’ causes a lot more damages then second hand smoke. Yet we give these wireless killers to our children and think it is cute….”

Read more on Hella Delicious.


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One response to “Cellphone dangers, anecdotal evidence

  1. How about questioning the sanity of a monopoly of the people that are appointed to “protect” us. that we usually refer to as government?

    This form of collective insanity has never worked throughout history, and is not working now as government is paradoxically one of the most dangerous things that most people will encounter in their lifetimes.

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