Young person’s perspective on raw milk

Sixteen year old Tessa Rachel writes about going to a raw milk rally on her blog, Proverbs 31 Wannabe:

Tessa (left) with friends at the rally. Photo via Proverbs 31 Wannabe.

“Today we attended a “Rally for Raw Milk”

The rally was set for noon on the steps of the Sauk County Courthouse.

Vernon Herschberger had a 1:00 p.m. hearing in that courthouse. He’s accused of supposedly illegally running a dairy farm and selling raw milk.

In reality though, the Hershbergers have done nothing wrong. The Hershbergers run a private buying club. If someone wants to buy dairy products from Mr. Hershberger, he or she must become a members of the buying club and sign a contract.

These people are aware of the “risks” of consuming unpasteurized dairy products. They know what they are getting into. And yet they insist on buying them anyway.

So why are these government officials so bent on protecting people who don’t want to be protected?

Is This Really About Our Safety?

You can buy cigarettes or alcohol in retail outlets across the United States. The annual deaths caused by these products is documented. People know the risks, and they choose to buy them anyway.

If it really is about safety, how come the cops aren’t raiding the distilleries and tobacco plants?

If it’s about safety, how come no SWAT teams showed up to bust the factory farms that produced all those salmonella-tainted eggs, or all the meat with listeria? Where were the cops then?
I’d like to share with you a email my Mom sent out.

“Today we gathered with others on the court house square in support of Vernon Herschberg and his family. They have chosen to build a family farm that supplies food to people that choose to buy it. Leaders in our country have decided that they should not have that choice. But maybe you buy your milk and food at a grocery store that is your choice……this whole issue doesn’t effect me you think…….Might I suggest this issue affects us all and profoundly….”

Read it all on Proverbs 31 Wannabe.



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3 responses to “Young person’s perspective on raw milk

  1. Blog was refreshing to the soul. This youth has backbone that will make
    our world a better place for all.

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