Globe and Mail picks up the USA Today story based on the CDCs selected “facts”

This whole thing seems to be a “public relations” exercise arising from the Harvard debate, which you can watch in the preceding post. See also this earlier post from David Gumpert discussing the USA Today story, as well as this post from Kimberly Hartke, setting things straight for the WAPF. From Wendy Leung, in the Globe and Mail:

“Those who feel strongly about the benefits of raw milk are willing to go to great lengths to fight for access to the unpasteurized dairy product.

But contributing to the raw-milk debate, a new study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says unpasteurized milk is 150 times more likely to cause outbreaks of food-borne illness than the pasteurized stuff.

Outbreaks linked to raw milk also led to higher hospitalization rates than those linked to pasteurized dairy products, according to the CDC. Out of 121 outbreaks involving dairy (which resulted in more than 4,400 illnesses, nearly 240 hospitalizations and three deaths), the study found 60 per cent of the outbreaks were caused by raw milk and 39 per cent were caused by pasteurized milk, USA Today reports.

The 13-year review, one of the largest studies on the topic to date, also found that states where the sale of raw milk is allowed have twice as many outbreaks as those where it’s illegal.

“When you consider that no more than 1 per cent of the milk consumed in the United States is raw, it’s pretty startling to see that more of the outbreaks were caused by raw milk than pasteurized,” Barbara Mahon, an author of the study and deputy director of enteric diseases at the CDC, told USA Today….”

Read it all in the Globe and Mail.

As of Thursday Feb. 23, 2012, at 6 am, there are 117 comments on the story. Comments seem to still be open although you must be logged in to comment.

Here’s a sampling of the comments:

H Mushman: “Drink unpasteurized milk, make sure your kids drink it too.

Don’t get your kids vaccinated.

Reject “big pharma” drugs.

Seek only “holistic” and “natural” medicines, remedies and treatments for your illnesses.

It will take a generation for natural selection to take place, but soon the world will be rid of kook’s like you.”

Boris Moris: “I agree, Harvey. Natural selection is doing its job.It’s sure making short work of your kind…those who blindly gobble everything that big biz has lovingly prepared to compromise their immune systems.

Oh…maybe you didn’t get the memo about out of control rates of diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease?

In addition to eliminating wheat and dairy a few years back I stopped eating meat and poultry 32 years ago. I turn 60 this year but everyone I meet thinks I’m around 40..a very healthy athletic 40.”

H Mushman: “Let’s see how your healthy athletic, 60 year old body deals with botulism if you get it from raw milk.

I just get a kick out of people who think anything “natural” can’t hurt you and anything synthesized or manufactured is bad for you.

Crude oil is 100% natural and organic. Down a glass or two of it sometime…it’s got to be better for you than a Big Mac…right?”

Rompbompastomp: “@ Mushman: Far be it from me to attempt to introduce any common sense to your “argument” but I don’t recall anyone, ever saying that everything “natural” can’t hurt you and everything manufactured is “bad”. Never. Rather, I think that thinking people might come to the conclusion that large, profit-driven corporations may not always be acting in the best interests of consumers. With a dairy allergy, I have no idea whether raw milk is a good idea or not, but I do think it’s worth considering whether illness attributable to raw milk is solely because the product itself is inherently unhealthy or if all or a portion of this illness could be due to poor production practices and inadequate regulatory oversight. Anyway, back to your ill-informed fulminating.”

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  1. thebovine

    CBC is also writing about this new CDC repackaging of “facts”:

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