Diet for a smaller planetary population?

From Concerned Citizen, on the Lyme Disease Sentinel blog:

“We are being told by government to eat low fat, low salt,high grain, low or NO meat and other animal products. We are being conditioned to think that animal foods are bad for us and that an unbalanced diet of mainly vegetables and grains is what we must eat for optimal health. It is crucial to note that indigenous groups throughout history thrived on unrefiined salt, organ meats,animal products,berries, insects, roots and tubers and some greens.

History shows us that grains were consumed more often when there was a scarcity of animal products and that an agricultural society is what has allowed the population to grow beyond the earth’s ability to provide a continuing hunter gatherer society. Grains are not necessarily our optimal food. If we do eat them, they need to be soaked , sprouted and or fermented. There are many anti-nutrients in grains which need to be neutralized. None of these neutralizing processes are being recommended by world and local governments. The vitamin K2 found in animal fats is crucial to the absorption of the fat soluble nutrients found in the vegetables and grains. So, not only are we being advised to consume anti-nutrients in the very large amount of grains being recommended…., we are also being told to avoid the exact healthy fats which help us to absorb the vitamins and minerals from our vegetables and grains.

In short…we are being given harmful dietary advice. Is this harmful advice intentional? Is there an agenda? Are the current food guidelines really written by our government or is there a global force behind these ridiculous foodguidelines which may soon become food mandates in the near future.? There are important substances in the fat of animals fed on grass which promote fertility. The absence of animal fats in the diet promotes infertility. The WHO appears to be the main force behind our current dietary guidelines. The U.N and the WHO are advocating a very large reduction in the population of all countries.Are the current dietary guidelines intentionally promoting infertility, diabetes and other degenerative diseases? Please check out the link below for further revelations concerning this dietary dictatorship.


Some history on Kellogg and the reasons behind his promotion of corn flakes.


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4 responses to “Diet for a smaller planetary population?

  1. Adrien Lapointe

    For those interested, there is a very interesting document from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) about fermented grains and legumes and their benefits:

  2. deen

    Great post bovine
    Please take a look at the followoing interview.
    It is all connected.Eugenics and Genocide

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