Remarkable Swiss government report just released on homeopathic medicine

From Dana Ullman, in the Huffington Post:

“The Swiss government has a long and widely-respected history of neutrality, and therefore, reports from this government on controversial subjects need to be taken more seriously than other reports from countries that are more strongly influenced by present economic and political constituencies. When one considers that two of the top five largest drug companies in the world have their headquarters in Switzerland, one might assume that this country would have a heavy interest in and bias toward conventional medicine, but such assumptions would be wrong.

In late 2011, the Swiss government’s report on homeopathic medicine represents the most comprehensive evaluation of homeopathic medicine ever written by a government and was just published in book form in English (Bornhoft and Matthiessen, 2011). This breakthrough report affirmed that homeopathic treatment is both effective and cost-effective and that homeopathic treatment should be reimbursed by Switzerland’s national health insurance program. 

The Swiss government’s inquiry into homeopathy and complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments resulted from the high demand and widespread use of alternatives to conventional medicine in Switzerland, not only from consumers but from physicians as well. Approximately half of the Swiss population have used CAM treatments and value them. Further, about half of Swiss physicians consider CAM treatments to be effective. Perhaps most significantly, 85 percent of the Swiss population wants CAM therapies to be a part of their country’s health insurance program.

It is therefore not surprising that more than 50 percent of the Swiss population surveyed prefer a hospital that provides CAM treatments rather to one that is limited to conventional medical care….”

Read it all on HuffPo.


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3 responses to “Remarkable Swiss government report just released on homeopathic medicine

  1. Bill Anderson

    Great Article, thanks!

    I think this is all the more proof that alternative medicine and true socialist (read: not-for-profit) universal healthcare are not antagonistic at all, but are actually complementary. By removing the profit motive from healthcare, doctors can be liberated from the corporate capitalist dictators who currently control the American healthcare system, and thus are able to make the best wholistic decisions for their patients.

  2. tal

    I’m surprised Dana Ullman provided no information on the history of this report which belies his claim of the Swiss government’s “neutrality”. Just as the original studies were nearing completion and word was leaking out about their various clinical and cost-effectiveness, the Swiss government defunded the study, canceled the last meeting, confiscated the reports and gagged some of the scientists.

    In fact, the triumph here is as much a triumph of the 99% over the 1% as it is the triumph of CAM.

    Scroll down for the story:

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