Are the U.S. and Canada the first “free” nations to deprive their people of food?

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

Vernon Hershberger with his family at a rally outside the Sauk County Courthouse last August. Photo via The Complete Patient blog.

“Eating is something we do so naturally, so routinely, we tend not to think all that much about it. We make choices–white or dark meat chicken, almond butter or peanut butter, apple or pear, broccoli or chard–nearly unconsciously, so plentiful is the food.

Buying it was once also pretty natural. We bought our foods directly from farmers, or from small specialty outlets, or traveling peddlers. Whatever local farms produced, that’s what was available. If you wanted to deal with a particular farmer, you did it. Your “contract” was a handshake. Nothing about legal precedents or complicated theories of private ownership or dealing with “licenses”.

The idea that our own government would sabotage our food supply seems ridiculous. So each time it happens, we want to shrug it off as an aberration, an example of an over-zealous regulator, regulations run amok. We can’t accept that this is, in actuality, government policy, and the new normal.

When you come down to it, the persecution of Vernon Hershberger is, at its most fundamental, a sabotaging of the food supply. Same with what happened to Dan Allgyer.  Same with what is happening to herdshares in California.

Sorry to be a little rambling, but I wonder, are the U.S. and Canada the first ostensibly free nations of modern times to disrupt their populations’ food supplies by preventing ordinary citizens from obtaining basic food like milk, beef, eggs, and chicken?

Put another way, when did we lose the right to contract directly with producers for our food?…”

Read it all on The Complete Patient blog.


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5 responses to “Are the U.S. and Canada the first “free” nations to deprive their people of food?

  1. deen

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  2. I think your mistake was in the choice of the word free. We have not been close to that in over 100 years when the Federal government decided that they owned the States and a nation of 20 million slaves became a nation of 200 million slaves… then things went downhill.

  3. nedlud

    What you have to understand is, the world, through the way the technology, the governments, the ‘finance industry’ and the people themselves have ‘evolved’, is being run like a giant casino. Everyone is a kind of a ‘player’ and though occasionally a little player may hit the ‘jackpot’ (yipee), it is all set up now so that the house wins all-the-time. Everyone is under surveillance and being watched closely. And anyone breaking house rules or attempting to operate in any way
    independently, beyond the control of the house, is dealt with rather ‘severely’, so to speak.

  4. Bill Anderson

    I’d be careful about the Schiller Institute. I’m a fan of Schiller the historical figure, but the institute is a front for the LaRouche movement — a quasi-populist right-wing cult, built around Lyndon LaRouche (a former Marxist turned neo-fascist):

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