Raw milk farmer Vernon Herschberger — the tragic reality of human kindness

Michael Schmidt on the Vernon Herschberger situation:

Raw milk farmers Michael Schmidt and Vernon Herschberger in Wisconsin last winter.

Vernon Hershberger no doubt is struggling deeply with the consequences of putting his moral consciousness above fearful obedience to an unjust law.

I am not worried about Vernon. Vernon has the strength, the will and the inner moral standing to challenge authorities.

I am not worried about his family standing strong and united in the cause dear to their hearts.

I am not worried about his farm either because we will find enough working hands to continue the day to day chores.

I am worried about the people not understanding what is really at stake.

I am worried about those who still think that pushing the like button on his support page will do.

I am worried that many will think “Vernon can do it”, he will fight for us.

I am deeply worried about the lack of understanding, the lack of unity and the lack of participation by those millions of raw milk drinkers only relying on the fighting spirit of farmers.

I am encouraged about the growing activism. But still too few are willing to pick up the cause, we keep losing farmers due to immense stress from steady prosecution.

March 1. And 2. Is extremely crucial for the Food Rights Movement.

If we do not reach the goal of 1000 people for the rally then we have to recognize that there will be severe consequences for farmers which are currently under attack.

The attacks will increase as more and more farmers will back off because of  lack of support.

Our resolve can only be to not back off even if only 100 will show up at the rally.

It means that we farmers will have to be prepared to suffer with dignity as Vernon is currently demonstrating.

It all starts with suffering, real suffering.

Never forget it is suffering after all for the Milk of Human Kindness.

Watching with a growing concern the recent developments, I have come increasingly suspicious about the truth behind the last few outbreaks of food borne illnesses due to raw milk in the US.

I begin to see a pattern which simply does not make sense.

If I would be a fanatic bureaucrat, it would have no difficulty to contaminate milk for the purpose of increasing the much needed statistics to prove the point in favor of NO FOOD FREEDOM.

Ask yourself why not???

Bureaucrats fighting with tooth and nail and keep losing ground in the public eye. This is not anymore a fair game. This is dirty business which will likely even take lives, as a result of the much needed intentionally contaminated milk.

This is in the meantime so dirty that authorities most likely hope for dead bodies in order to put an end to Food Freedom.

Grapes of wrath and the sorrow of human kindness.

Nothing has changed.

More on Vernon Herschberger’s situation.

David E. Gumpert on the Vernon Herschberger situation.

Report on the situation from the Rock River Times.

Heroism a uniquely human trait — the Vernon Herschberger story.

Details on the March 1, 2 rally in support of Vernon Herschberger.


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13 responses to “Raw milk farmer Vernon Herschberger — the tragic reality of human kindness

  1. susan

    I am doing what I can!! Its hard for me to attend rallys, I am very remote and very poor. BUT: I will be attending Farmers Markets and spreading the word. I will be handing out pamphlets and teaching the public the truth of farming and food rights. I post articals like this on my FB page daily. I tend my goats with loving care. I drink raw milk, I make cheese. I have hens for free range eggs, and I grow a beautiful garden with fruit and nut trees. I give it all away in the name of freedom!!

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  3. Beverley Viljakainen

    Susan, I think you are an excellent example of what one person CAN do! We need only ‘tune in’ and we’ll know what that may be . . .

  4. Bill Anderson

    Though I will not be at the workshop, I plan on being at the rally on Friday.

    For those coming into Wisconsin from out-of-state, something to PLEASE keep in mind:

    The struggle we face goes far beyond what Vernon Hershberger faces. Wisconsin’s people today are in the midst of intense struggle against many evil forces which have come to bear on our political process. From the destruction of labor rights and voting rights of low-income people, to the attempts to trample on the rights of the Native American tribes in our state by stripping away all environmental protections in order to build a huge iron mine… there are many pressing issues which the people of Wisconsin fact today.

    It is so easy for the out-of-state raw milk activists to focus very narrowly on Vernon’s struggle, but these activists do not understand the scope of the issues that face AMERICA’S DAIRYLAND in this volatile political and economic context. For these out-of-state activists to suggest that the problem is public health laws, or that the solution is private contracts for raw milk, is to be so very very ignorant of the real problem we face — the tyranny of corporate capitalist monopoly, and its desire for endless conquest and profit at the expense of human beings and the enviroment.

    60 years ago, Wisconsin had more dairy farms than there are in the entire US today. Wisconsin was a bastion of progressive politics and open democratic government — government that SERVED THE PEOPLE and not corporate interests. Today, our state is the laughing stock of the nation, because of the takeover of our political system by corporate money. Wisconsin today is controlled by a corrupt right-wing governor and legislature whose election was financed by huge sums of money coming from Koch Industries and their political machine — a political machine which is responsible for promoting much of the so-called “free-market libertarian” ideology which unfortunately permeates the raw milk movement.

    We cannot separate the other issues going on in Wisconsin today from the struggle Vernon is facing. Wisconsinites need real democracy, not a bunch of out-of-state activists telling us how our state should be run.

    I must say, I am very disappointed that Michael Badnarik and Sheriff Richard Mack will be given priority over local speakers in the workshop on Thursday night. I will not be attending this workshop. I will be at the rally on Thursday.

  5. Bill Anderson

    Sorry, in my last sentence above, I meant:

    I will be at the rally on Friday.

  6. I wish I were closer. I would be there. It would be an honour to be part of a human shield for Vernon, to be his cell-mate in jail for the crime of feeding people.

    If such a thing happens within half a day’s travel, I will be there. (Chilliwack counts!)

  7. deen

    Hi Susan
    Just want to add
    Hope more people can develop the spirit connection you seem to have.


  8. seeking truth

    I am a neighbor of Vernon, and have been working with his family from long before he started his buying club, buying eggs from their back porch. I am guessing that most people, like myself, did not get involved in this affair because we are activists, but find ourselves activists because we want real food!
    This goes far beyond raw milk, which is perhaps the straw that will break the camel of government overreach’s back. We have stood quietly by as government has, precept by precept, inserted themselves into every area of our lives, even to the point of now insisting that they can regulate what we eat.
    We have little choice, unless we are willing to forgo this and all other liberties, but to stand up and demand that government get out of our lives. The truth is that the whole point of government regulation is control, which means power and money. If the government controls what is produced, or sold, those who wish to engage in commerce will be forced to pay the government’s duty. Those who pay enough will be allowed to play, those who stand in their way will be squashed by government regulators – all, of course in the name of our best interests. It is time to admit that government will never watch out for our best interests as well as we will, and that powerful interests will always seek more power and money.
    Whether it is our food, our energy, our cars, our light bulbs, our clothes, our homes – we must demand the right to make our own choices, for better or worse, and put government back in its place of providing for the ‘common good’, which means such things as interstate travel, defense, etc., not controlling the minutest details of our lives.
    I do not know what we are going to be asked to do, but I will do my best to stand up for Vernon, for our food and for our God-given liberty!

    • Peter

      Well said. Makes one wonder why people who say they are in favor of freedom turn around and seek more regulations.

  9. thebovine

    This story has also been published on Kimberly Hartke’s “Hartke is Online” blog: http://hartkeisonline.com/food-politics/michael-schmidt-on-vernon-hershberger/

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